Michelle Doyle  These photos are amazing!  3/22/10 10:05AM, COMMENT 2,631

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alice lane  out of all these amazing pics of meg and chris I found myself being drawn to the last of them at the vault! Something about the mix of modern and old just beautiful!  2/26/10 1:16AM, COMMENT 2,497

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Amber Westlake Langlois  The wide balcony dance shot is EPIC! Every element, right down to the processing is perfection, not gonna lie, it gives us goosebumps...xoxoxox  2/23/10 3:09PM, COMMENT 2,486

Christine Chauncey  stunning pics- i started crying all over again immediately!!!I want all of them-with love -me  2/22/10 12:45PM, COMMENT 2,477

Laura Coles  pics are awsome!!!!  2/22/10 12:44PM, COMMENT 2,476

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Dagney  First, that groom makes me giggle with happiness just looking at these pictures, the way he looks at her... so adorable. He is the first groom other than my own, that looked totally "into" his bride! I love seeing that! What a beautiful gown! love it! that reception place is gorgeous, I love vintage looking places like that! wow! what makes these shots is the couple, they are superb!  2/19/10 5:43PM, COMMENT 2,467

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