Cheryl  Pictures are awesome! And so was the wedding!  10/1/10 2:51PM, COMMENT 3,420

Dave F.  Great pics! Best Wishes!  10/1/10 2:50PM, COMMENT 3,419

Stephanie Flareau  Absolutely amazing! The pics captured something that most photographers miss...I wish I was there! Best Wishes to both of you!  10/1/10 2:49PM, COMMENT 3,418

Mike Cruickshank  Rob & Kathleen - thank you for spending the day with us. the pictures came out awesome! thank you both!  10/1/10 10:17AM, COMMENT 3,414

Robin Dini  Beautiful job guys!  10/1/10 9:26AM, COMMENT 3,412

Kristen   Absolutely adorable! Best of luck to the both of you!  10/1/10 12:19AM, COMMENT 3,409

Erik Souza  Another one out of the park!  9/30/10 9:37PM, COMMENT 3,405

Ingrid  CONGRATULATIONS all around!! Courtney and Mike, you make a beautiful couple! You look like celebrities in a fashion mag. Your wedding day was wonderful for you and your guests. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was looking at the photos and reading the blog. Rob and Kathleen - fantastic photos! You both have great vision of how you want the pictures to look and have captured shots that appear to be timeless. I wish you were around to take my wedding photos 20 years ago.....  9/30/10 7:50PM, COMMENT 3,400

Barbara (Vermont)  What a beautiful day to start your lives together. This is only the beginning of your story. Wishing you love and happiness!  9/30/10 6:47PM, COMMENT 3,397

Nancy  You both are absolutely the most beautiful people. The love you share shows in each one of these pictures. Some people search their whole lives for love. You have found it so hold on to it tightly it will never die.XXOO  9/30/10 5:00PM, COMMENT 3,395

Kathleen Sherlock  What extraordinary photos. Love is all around them and they radiate it. You couldn't have captured it any better. Great Job Kathleen and Rob.....but more so Courtney and Mike. Love you  9/30/10 1:41PM, COMMENT 3,394

Emily  What an amazing wedding!! Love the images, especially those on the boardwalk. I love how you all capture so much variety!  9/30/10 1:31PM, COMMENT 3,393

Ashley Scobey  Beautiful work! Love the bridal party shot on the pier!  9/30/10 1:05PM, COMMENT 3,392

Diana C  What a gorgeous bride!! Such a cute couple! Incredible images, you can see all of the emotion and energy in them!  9/30/10 10:53AM, COMMENT 3,391

Jeffrey Rapoport  Sweet couple. Images seem alive! Love the excitement of the bride at the wheel.  9/30/10 6:01AM, COMMENT 3,389

june  When you have couple that is truly beautiful (inside and out), the camera tells no lie! Nice job the the Robert and Kathleen team.  9/30/10 12:02AM, COMMENT 3,388

Michelle  GORGEOUS <3  9/29/10 9:05PM, COMMENT 3,387

Leigh Baker  Stunning!! Such a perfect wedding, beautiful day, great couple... STILL so incredibly excited for you two!  9/29/10 6:43PM, COMMENT 3,386

TMD  Love Love Love!  9/29/10 6:34PM, COMMENT 3,385

Meghan  BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  9/29/10 6:04PM, COMMENT 3,384

brigid  love, love, love the pics! amazing!  9/29/10 5:00PM, COMMENT 3,383

Dan Sherlock  Outstanding photography! I wish we had sharp, clear pictures like these of our wedding but 53 years ago, it wasn't possible. I think that was before the invention of the camera. Great job Rob and Kathleen. Thanks for the memories and tears.  9/29/10 2:02PM, COMMENT 3,382

Jill  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!! Everyone looks amazing!  9/29/10 1:40PM, COMMENT 3,381

Jane Sherlock  What great Pictures!!! It was like living the day all over again, tears of joy and all. Courtney and Mike how do you choose? They are all wonderful. Robert and Kathleen, great job and I am happy to see you had as much fun as we all did.  9/29/10 1:27PM, COMMENT 3,380

Jane Donaldson  Robert and Kathleen, Just when the post wedding blues were really setting in...... You captured Courtney and Mike,... being Courtney and Mike radiating happiness and joy --I want to cry and smile at the same time. Beautiful pictures...wonderful memories... Thank you.  9/29/10 1:08PM, COMMENT 3,379

Mary Ellen Blond  "A picture says a thousand words"... but these beautiful pictures repeatedly say the same three...LOVE AND HAPPINESS! They captured in wonderful photos all the feelings we felt for you that day!  9/29/10 12:14PM, COMMENT 3,378

Chelsea  These pictures are perfect! soo pretty!  9/29/10 11:43AM, COMMENT 3,377

Ryan Sean  These photos are fantastic! Congrats to Mike and Courtney!  9/29/10 11:33AM, COMMENT 3,376

Joanie Pesce  Courtney and Mike, The girls shared your pictures with me, they are amazing. Remember that wedding day feeling every day of your married life. Beautiful memories captured on camera, very special like the two of you.  9/29/10 10:56AM, COMMENT 3,375

czyz  these pictures are beautiful, right out of a magazine. seriously, we should all be models.  9/29/10 10:47AM, COMMENT 3,374

Claire  these pictures are amazing!!  9/29/10 10:28AM, COMMENT 3,373

Courtney Cruickshank  Rob & Kathleen - I can't thank you both enough. These pictures are amazing. It brought me to tears all over again to go through the day. You captured perfect moments in time! Thank you, thank you!  9/29/10 9:46AM, COMMENT 3,372

Eric Foley  Awesome bridal party shot guys! Great wedding!  9/29/10 2:13AM, COMMENT 3,371

eric langlois  LOVE!  9/28/10 11:59PM, COMMENT 3,368

Kathleen Lugo  Love these! Beautiful and fun photos!  9/28/10 11:07PM, COMMENT 3,367