Hoboken, New Jersey: Nicole & Chuck's Engagment Session

Need a sign that you’re on the perfect first date?  A pretty good indication would be that you don’t want that date to end. 

When Nicole and Chuck were set up by a mutual friend, they had easy-flowing conversation over dinner and drinks. Nicole was meeting her brother later that evening, and wondered if it was way too soon for Chuck to meet a family member. But somehow, it seemed natural.  That date ended up lasting eight hours, with the Nicole and Chuck slowly getting to know each other over the course of that day. When Nicole got on the train to go home that night, both she and Chuck knew that this date was something different. It would be the very last first date they would ever go on. 

One thing that is abundantly clear about Nicole and Chuck is their mutual respect. It shines through in every interaction, and is even apparent in the items that they brought to their engagement session. One item was a Spanish book, and one a medical book, highlighting their passions and careers as a teacher and physician. They thought it would be fun to swap texts that day to read up on their partner’s interests. The way they smiled and laughed with one another during their session was probably reminiscent of that very first date - they were seemingly the only people at the beautiful Hoboken waterfront that day. They could have probably stayed there for another eight hours. After all, in one another they have everything they ever needed.

New York Athletic Club: New York, NY: Kaitlyn & Bill's Wedding

Kaitlyn and Bill, no matter where they are, are fully present with each other. They can create an intimate, romantic moment in a completely crowded place. They embody the word team. And fittingly, that’s how it all began.

When Kaitlyn and Bill were both in law school, they found themselves on the same competition team. Kaitlyn took on the role of coach and led Bill to victory, and soon they realized that their loyalty went well beyond school. Bill proved that he would go anywhere for Kaitlyn when he flew halfway across the world to surprise her in France, making for an engagement story that will be told for generations to come. With Kaitlyn and Bill, it’s clear that everything is better together. Perhaps because of this, it’s difficult for the rest of the world to keep their eyes off of them.

There was a concert in Central Park on the day of their gorgeous Manhattan wedding. Hoards of people pushed to enter, but the crowds parted for Bill and Kaitlyn. They truly stopped the traffic. Pedestrians and police officers alike beamed and snapped pictures, watching this magnetic couple soak up their wedding day.

The energy was palpable and continued on for the rest of the night at the stately New York Athletic Club. It was clear that night that their team was huge and still growing. The room brimmed with people who loved them so deeply. And Bill and Kaitlyn recognized how special they all were to them, with a heartfelt speech, thanking their friends and family for making their lives, and that night, so utterly special.

Kaitlyn once wrote, “I think our engagement story is the best in the world.” It really was, full of surprise, romance, delicious food, and a truly breathtaking backdrop. Now they have another beautiful memory to add to that perfect night, a wedding day that matches the graduer of the proposal.  

Ceremony Location: St. Jean Baptiste in New York, NY|  Venue: New York Athletic Club in New York, NY|  Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier  |  Shoes: Badgley Mischka  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  |  Makeup: Evy Drew  |  Flowers: Ariston Flowers  |  Band: Eastside Mix

The Bourne Mansion: Oakdale, NY: Kara & Evan's Wedding

Job interviews can be stressful, nerve wracking. But Kara was prepared as she walked into the interview. Of course, she didn't know then that this interview would change her life forever. Evan was on the interviewing panel, and Kara, with her wit, intelligence, and luminous personality, scored the position.

It wasn’t long after she started the job that Evan and Kara found themselves socializing outside of work. Soon, everything had changed. The beginning of their relationship was so natural, in fact, that neither can agree on the location of their first official date. In Kara’s mind, it was Candle 79, while Evan recalls a Valentine’s date at an Italian restaurant. Before they knew it, everything had fallen into place, and it was with this ease that they realized they were meant for each other.

That same ease carried Kara and Evan through their entire wedding day. Kara even surprised herself with her zen-like sense of calm on their wedding morning. Perhaps it was because she knew that everything was exactly as it should be, that there was no question that rest of this day would be among the best of her life.

The ceremony looked out on vast green lawns and the water beyond, and we were all bathed in a perfect golden light that seemed to land on Kara and Evan just as they spoke their vows.

It became especially clear during the reception in the Bourne Mansion’s grand and romantic ballroom that not only were Kara and Evan born ready to tear up the dance floor, but also that they were not the only ones radiating joy that day. Both families shared how easily Kara melded into Evan’s family, and Evan into Kara’s. Kara’s sister spoke of the special influence Kara has had on her life, being someone to look up to, someone to talk to at multiple points in the day, someone who would worry about her. Evan’s brother spoke of his own family, and how he was so glad that his oldest daughter now has a little sister, so that they can be best friends-just like the friendship that he shares with Evan.

Kara and Evan will undoubtedly bring the love of their families with them as they start their new life together, and share so many more firsts, each one seamlessly blending into the next.

Bridal Gown: Demetrios  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale  |  Bridal Salon: Hollywood Bridal in Kenilworth, NJ  |  Shoes: Stella McCartney  |  Hair & Makeup: The House of Makeup  |  Venue: The Bourne Mansion in Oakdale, NY  |  Caterer: Lessings  |  Cake: Ester's Treats  |  Band: Faze 4

The Rainbow Room: New York, NY: Lisa & John's Wedding

Lisa and John’s wedding day was, in a word, spectacular. They spent each moment in some of New York City’s most iconic locations, full of beauty and brimming with a vibrant history. They saw each other for the first time in the magnificent Church of Saint Paul the Apostle; spent their first moments together as husband and wife amongst the vivacious crowds in Central Park; and finally, danced the night away on the rotating dance floor at The Rainbow Room, amidst the floor to ceiling windows, glittering crystals, and epicly grand city skyline.

Yet nothing could outshine Lisa and John themselves. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other, and neither could their guests. The pride was palpable during each speech, as loved ones spoke about Lisa and John, their incredible career accomplishments, infectious senses of humor, kind and giving spirits, and the fact that they found their perfect fit. Together, they share a warm, inviting, fun-loving energy, an openness, and it sweeps up anyone who happens to be lucky enough to know them.

This was especially evident when Lisa surprised John with a song, and it proved to be one of the most breathtaking moments of the day. Her good friend, Elise, also an extraordinary singer, joined the band to belt out Etta James’ “At Last.” It is difficult to decide which moment was more moving: John’s face, first overcome with emotional shock, then awe, when Lisa revealed her surprise, or the dance itself, classically beautiful, as Lisa and John prepared for their lives together, spinning on top of the world with all who matter to them.

Bridal Gown: Elie Saab  |  Bridal Salon: Pronovias  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Sung  |  Ceremony Venue: Church of Saint Paul the Apostle in New York, NY  |  Reception Venue: The Rainbow Room in New York, NY  |  Cake: Sylvia Weinstock  |  Band: East Coast

TriBeCa Rooftop: New York, NY: Stephanie & Brent's Wedding

Stephanie was looking forward to spending the summer with her first love: New York City. She was attending law school in Michigan at the time and was dreaming of being back on the East Coast for a few months to work in NYC and get to see her family in Connecticut. As far as she was concerned, the matter was settled - she would procure a summer associate position there. 

At least, that was her plan when she set out for a University of Michigan event to look for associate positions. On her way to seek representatives from NYC firms, Stephanie ended up caught up in conversation with Brent. He was recruiting students for his Chicago-based firm and connected with Stephanie over the fact that they had attended undergrad in Missouri (albeit different universities). Stephanie could quickly see that Brent was handsome, intelligent and charming. It didn’t take much for him to talk her into taking that summer position in a city decidedly further west than her original plan. 

They fell in love in Chicago (the city they currently call home), but Brent knew that NYC would always have a special place in Stephanie’s heart. When he decided to propose, he did so on a trip to Manhattan - asking Stephanie to marry him in Madison Square Park. 

Their wedding day at the Tribeca Rooftop was nothing short of magical. As Stephanie stepped down onto the cobblestone street on her way to see Brent for the first time that day, her face lit up in a way that is simply indescribable. From the romantic blooms to the spectacular view, Stephanie and Brent were able to meld their worlds together with those they loved the most. The heartfelt speeches put the emotions of the day into words. 

Stephanie exudes the combination of a warm and caring spirit, with strength, bravery and tenacity to boot. Her friends and family feel so lucky to know her, to be inspired by her, and to have her forever on their side. And Brent, beneath his calm, cool, and collected exterior, is the warmest, most dedicated friend anyone could ask for.  It is clear that one of the qualities that Brent and Stephanie share is that they are both extraordinary and devoted friends. They make those around them feel happy, safe, and loved. With these qualities, their love and incredible support systems, Stephanie and Brent can truly accomplish anything…in whichever city they may call home.

Bridal Gown: Mira Zwillinger  |  Bridal Salon: Wedding Salon of Manhasset  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale  |  Hair: Liam Carey  |  Make-Up: Stacie Ford  |  Event Planning & Design: Amy Champagne Events  |  Flowers: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design  |  Caterer: Apogee Events  |  Venue: TriBeCa Rooftop  |  Band: Brooklyn Sound

Locanda Verde: New York, NY: Davis's Bar Mitzvah

You’d have been hard pressed to find a dry eye during Davis's Bar Mitzvah service. It was so personal, so thoughtful, and warmth truly radiated from the elegantly rustic room in Tribeca’s Locanda Verde. From the acoustic guitar music to Davis’ recitation of the haftorah and discussion of its deeper meaning, to the Torah scroll encircling the room, held by those who hold a place in Davis and his parents’ hearts, the day was full of personal touches that made it unique, indeed.

The most beautiful moments of the day, though, were in each small interaction between Davis and his family. Their love was so present, so clear, and it was a joy to witness their bond throughout the day. Davis was so careful to include his sister Liv in his day. They spent the last few minutes before the service together, she joined him on the bimah to sing a prayer, and Davis even made sure to save her some dances at the vibrant party that followed, despite the presence of his many friends. He continually watched out for his little sister. It is often difficult for adults to find balance between family and friends, yet Davis shows that he can accomplish this with ease. His parents, grandparents, great grandmother, and extended family and friends truly beamed with pride that day, and for great reason.

Liberty State Park, NJ: Lisa & John's Engagement Session

It was a cold blustery day in February when John took Lisa out for brunch in Jersey City. After a delicious meal, John suggested a walk in nearby Liberty State Park. It was an interesting choice considering the frigid temperatures and the fact that it had just begun to snow. But Lisa, with her mellow, laid-back personality, didn’t think much of it and happily agreed to go along for the stroll. It was the perfect location for them - taking in the view of Lisa’s home of New York City from John’s home of New Jersey.

They enjoyed the breathtaking view of lower Manhattan for a while until even that incredible sight could no longer distract Lisa from the biting cold. She suggested to John that they return to the car. That is, until she turned around and everything changed. Suddenly, the weather took a backseat.  John was getting down on one knee, asking her to marry him. 

That night they celebrated their engagement with Lisa’s entire family. And this spring, when Liberty State Park finally thawed, Lisa and John returned so they could take their engagement photos in a place that so perfectly represents their upcoming union and will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

West Village, New York, NY: Kaitlyn & Bill's Engagement Session

It was all planned perfectly, or so Kaitlyn thought. After attending a wedding in Paris, she set off with a friend to experience France’s breathtaking countryside. Her friend had one suggestion--a slight detour, to a restaurant that she promised would be well worth it. When Kaitlyn called Bill that evening, she noticed that his voice sounded quiet, distant even. He told her that he was busy working at home. They said goodnight, and Kaitlyn set off to dinner. 

Indeed, the restaurant was straight out of a reverie. Set in a garden, it brimmed with the aura of famous artist patrons from years past, including Matisse and Picasso. Twinkling lights danced between the fig trees, not to be outdone by the stars above. Kaitlyn’s friend conveniently excused herself. Then suddenly, someone appeared at their table.  It was Bill, who was supposed to be thousands of miles away, back in the states.  Yet there he was, on one knee with a ring in his hand. Kaitlyn, shaking with surprise and utter joy, screamed, “yes!” to the applause of the restaurant-goers. 

When I met Kaitlyn and Bill, it was some time later for their engagement session, we were across that ocean, in New York where it happened to be just a few degrees shy of freezing. It was easy, though, to picture them together in Europe. Kaitlyn, her hair effortlessly wavy, paired a classic winter white coat with siren red heels. Bill’s woolen coat, perfectly tailored, complemented his piercing blue eyes. They made a striking pair as we navigated the cobblestone streets of the West Village.

Our session bridged the space between their magical engagement and their wedding which will be oh-so New York City. This fall, they will marry at the magnificent St. Jean Baptiste Church, in the city where they found each other. This time, though, the crowd will be filled with family and friends, the people they love the most.

Brooklyn, New York: Rachel & Joe's Engagement Session

Although it was an icy, blustery day when I met with Rachel and Joe for their engagement session, it didn’t take long for the sun to shine down on all of us.  It was as though they had brought the sunshine with them.  No surprise, since Rachel had told me that Joe has a silly side.  When he’s not in his distinguished suit, fresh from work, he is the life of the party.  And together, they really are like a ray of light.

We started the day at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, with it’s beautiful little pockets of green space, classic park benches and grand, exquisite view of Manhattan: the place where Rachel and Joe fell in love.  The view will always remind them of Joe’s romantic proposal, when he asked her to spend forever with him. The twinkling lights of the city and the industrial vibe between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges reflect the home they created in Williamsburg, where their love continues to grow.

Rachel and Joe truly warmed up Brooklyn Bridge Park that day. They laughed, danced, ran, puddle-jumped, and their joy was contagious.  I’m very much looking forward to capturing that joy again this fall when their wedding will undoubtedly sweep up their family and friends as well, making for a perfect day filled with huge grins and so much love.

Central Park: New York, NY: Kara & Evan's Engagement Session

It was a perfect, crisp day in Central Park when I met up with Kara and Evan for their engagement session. Kara and Evan’s glow stood out amongst the myriad of city-dwellers and tourists out to take in the last breaths of autumn. It was only fitting that we took their engagement photos in the city where they fell in love. Kara and Evan are clearly perfect for each other, complementing each other in every way. They laughed so much, and I loved hearing stories about their silliest moments together as we navigated the park. 

The highlight of the afternoon was visiting the location where Evan had proposed to Kara.  It was on the East Side, a private little enclave tucked away from the hustle of bustle of Manhattan with the 59th Street Bridge standing majestically in the background. They lit up when we arrived, likely reliving that special moment in their minds, and it was a pleasure to experience that with them. It was beautiful to watch Evan looking out for Kara, making sure that she wasn’t too cold, and pulling her in close to warm her up. After the shoot, they went out for a big family dinner, and it is clear that not only do they love each other deeply, they also have a huge space in their hearts for time with their loved ones, which will undoubtedly make their wedding day even more incredible.