New York, New York: Katherine & Thomas's Wedding

Katherine knew that Thomas was the one for her after a particularly kind act in a parking lot, when Thomas spotted an abandoned kitten and rushed over to help it. Katherine and Thomas had been dating for a bit by this time and she was already starting to fall for him. But it was in that moment that Katherine said to herself, this man - this is the one for me. In that unexpected, unrehearsed moment Thomas revealed the depth of his kindness and his willingness to help those in need.

In Katherine, Thomas had found a like-minded soul. Beautiful inside and out, she dedicates herself fully to the things she does and has an exuberance for life that is completely contagious. They were married this fall on a chilly day in October in what just might be the most beautiful historic church in all of Manhattan - a fitting location for a couple whose love is so pure and commitment to one another will stand the test of time.

Dress: Custom Designed for the Bride  |  Ceremony Location: Grace Church in New York, NY  |  Venue: Home Studios in New York, NY