Montauk Yacht Club: Montauk, NY: Alia & Frank's Wedding

The very first time we visited Montauk, we were blown away but the sheer beauty of it (the dramatic cliffs, the teal-colored water) and by the inherent quaintness of this beach town that happens to be the furthest point east on the whole of the eastern seaboard. The shops are quirky, the people are friendly and there is a laid-back, kick-off-your-shoes-and-relax vibe that hits you pretty much the moment you drive into town. The feeling is contagious; Montauk just makes you feel good. So, it’s not surprising that this place has long been a destination for families looking for some beach relaxation in the middle of summer. And it’s even less surprising that the feel-good vibes of Montauk just might also allow some summer romances to spark.

It was seven years ago when one of those sparks began something pretty special for Alia and Frank. His friend Mick introduced them, when they each happened to be on vacation at the same time. While they didn’t start dating until a few years later, they have always found some of their very best times together happened to take place in the beach town that brought them together in the first place.

After Frank proposed and they began planning their wedding, deciding where everything would take place was the easiest decision of all. They wanted their guests to experience the feeling they have when ride into town on Rt. 27, smell that salt air and immediately feel every bone in their body relax.

And as Alia and Frank walked hand-in-hand by the famed Montauk Point Lighthouse just a few minutes after they had officially become husband and wife the sun shone on them in a way that seems to be very specific to this gorgeous place.  It was as if the landscape was admiring it’s own work in being a place so magical that it inspires people to find the kind of love you want to hold onto forever.

Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier  |  Shoes: Badgley Mischka  |  Makeup: Christina Amador  |  Hair: Nicole D'Angio  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale  |  Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations  |  Floral Design: Sugar Magnolias  |  Band: Code Bleu of Skyline Orhestras  |  Cake: Leanne's Speciality Cakes

Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Ashlyn & Aaron's Wedding

If Ashlyn was nervous on the morning of her wedding, you wouldn’t know it from the smile on her face. She was beaming from the moment we saw her - already looking gorgeous even before an ounce of make-up had been applied. She sat in a velvet chair in the corner of her room at the Gramercy Park Hotel, a view of the park right before her. She was the picture of a woman completely at peace with the giant decision she was making. Because she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Aaron was exactly who she was meant to be with and that, just as he has since they started dating, he would make her happier than she ever thought possible.

When she walked down the aisle to Aaron, her armed linked with her father, she walked those steps with confidence and joy and her smile was greeted with one that matched her enthusiasm as Aaron took her hand. Their ceremony was sweet and funny, with both Ashlyn and Aaron keeping their eyes locked on one another nearly the entire time. From their heartfelt vows to their romantic first dance, Ashlyn and Aaron spent the day reaffirming to one another and sharing with their friends and family what they had felt in their hearts since the very beginning of their relationship - that they were meant to find one another and since the moment they had, their lives had become infinitely better. And that this day was just the beginning of the incredible journey they are starting together.

Hair & Make-up: Lauren & Vannessa  |  Bridal Gown: Hayley Paige  |  Reception Gown: THEIA  |  Bridal Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Floral Design: Florisity  |  Groom's Tuxedo & Shoes: Tom Ford  |  Officiant: Susan Turchin  |  DJ: Jarrell Entertainment  |  Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar

Lake of Isles: North Stonington, CT: Shiela & Ryan's Wedding

We can’t say enough how much it means to us when a bride tells us that photos are one of the most important things to her. Shiela had told us that when we had first talked to her and then made that clear throughout her wedding day. From each beautiful detail to the locations she chose, Shiela had put so much thought and planning into making her day gorgeous.

Of course, as far as Ryan was concerned, there was nothing more beautiful that day than Shiela herself. As the music changed in the church right before she was about to walk down the aisle, a slow smile spread across Ryan’s face. When the back doors opened and Shiela appeared, their eyes were locked on one another and guests eyes filled with tears as they watched Ryan take Shiela’s hand and stand by her side on the altar.

From the moment we arrived, throughout the ceremony and a visit to Harkness Memorial State Park and through their reception, Shiela and Ryan’s natural chemistry and clear love for one another was just so much fun to photograph. Knowing just how important all of the images will be to them, made it such an honor to capture their joy.

Bridal Gown: Anjolique  |  Bridal Salon: Something Bleu Bridal  |  Shoes: Angela Nuran  |  Hair & Make-Up: Larisa Lake Studio  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff  |  Flowers: Hana Floral Design  | Ceremony Location: St. Mary Star of the Sea in New London, Connecticut  |  Formal Picture Location: Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut  |  Reception: Lake of Isles in North Stonington, Connecticut

Private Home: Bay Shore, NY: Emily & Patrick's Wedding

According to Emily’s family, she’s always been a pretty private person. She’s not overly showy with her emotions, she tends to keep things to herself. So when she first started dating Patrick, they didn’t know much about him. He was a mystery man to them for some time, until they finally met him. It was then, that they saw that even if Emily didn’t say out loud what she was feeling, the way she looked at Patrick gave it all away. She was crazy about him.

It turns out, that sense of privacy is something that Emily and Patrick have in common. Pat's sister, Kathleen, says that she has never seen him smile quite like he did on his wedding day. It was those moments, moments that happened all day - when Emily and Pat let their friends and family see just how much they love each other and how sincerely happy they make one another - that made their day so special. Because as Emily’s sister Annie said in her toast, this wedding day was a very public celebration for a very private couple. And their friends and family were delighted to see Emily and Pat’s love for one another with their very own eyes.

Bridal Gown: BHLDN  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  |  Hair: Andrew Steven Salon in Lindenhurst, NY|  Flowers: Bayport Flower House in Bayport, NY  |  Church: St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Shore, NY|   Catering: Culinary Studio in Huntington, NY|  Dessert: Pies from Briarmere Farm  |  Band: The Silver Arrow Band

Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Hudson Valley, NY: Alice & Stephen's Wedding

When Stephen knocked on Alice’s door the very first time, he had no idea that on the other side of the door he would meet the woman that would become wife. He was going door to door in a dorm at Columbia University, as a part of a fundraiser for one of his academic projects. To hear Stephen’s friends speak about his charming personality and sense of humor, it’s no surprise that in that short visit at Alice’s door, he managed to leave quite an impression on her.

When they first began to date, Stephen quite literally knocked Alice off her feet. He tried to hold her hand for the first time and Alice accidentally fell down in the process of trying to accept it. Stephen graciously picked her up and has been holding her tight ever since. As a couple, they are always looking out for one another. Alice keeps them both organized and on track, while Stephen encourages adventures - like literally climbing mountains. But no matter what new journey they embark on, Stephen is always keeping Alice by his side even when that means running an entire half marathon at her pace instead of his own.

At their wedding, both Alice and Stephen's parents and themany friends and family in their bridal party got up to offer toasts to the happy couple. In each of their words it was clear that individually Alice and Stephen are each not only smart and funny, but two of the most loyal people you will ever meet.  Together, though, they are the kind of couple whose love you want to emulate and whose care for one another is completely undeniable.

Harvard University: Cambridge, MA: Annie & Robby's Engagement Session

On a campus so rich with history, Annie and Robby’s own story began when they met as students at Harvard University. They forged a bond while they both lived in Currier House, sharing many of the same friends and creating memories in the process. Both native New Yorkers, they returned to the state upon graduation only to find themselves back in Cambridge years later for Robby to attend graduate school.

Simply put, this campus has played a big part in their lives. Within it’s meticulously adorned paths and hallowed halls are countless stories of the beginning of their life together. This is where they met, where they fell in love and where they began to foster their dreams.

We were so excited to visit Harvard to photograph Robby and Annie in the places that have played such an important role in their relationship. We were fortunate in that Annie had spent a bit of time as an student working as a tour guide, so she gave us a fact-filled tour that also happened to include the places that were special just to them. The afternoon we spent with them made us even more excited for their upcoming wedding which will bring them back down the coast to their home state to celebrate with the family and friends that are no doubt delighted to see these two smiling so brightly.

Rumson Country Club: Rumson, NJ: Lindsay & Blake's Wedding

To hear Lindsay’s family and friends tell it, she knew that Blake was someone special really early on - not long after she had first spotted him teaching tennis at the Bath & Tennis club near her parent’s home.  In fact, Lindsay knew how she felt about Blake before he had even realized that Lindsay’s interest in him was not solely based on tennis. But once he did, Blake could hardly believe his luck that he had managed to find a woman so perfect for him - smart, gorgeous and interested in so many of the same things that are important to him.

So it’s safe to say that this wedding day was one that all of Lindsay & Blake’s family and friends had been excitedly awaiting. It was even more perfect than anyone could have pictured. There was rain, yes (a lot, at times) but Lindsay and Blake weren’t going to let that dampen their happiness for even one minute. They braved the raindrops for photos, held each other under an umbrella and were delighted when the rain stopped just enough for their guests to enjoy the spectacular view from the Rumson Country Club during their cocktail hour.

And when Lindsay and Blake danced their first dance as husband and wife with their friends and family surrounding them on the dance floor - they could see was the joy of all the people important to them surrounding them in every direction. And their guests got to see, first hand, the love that Lindsay and Blake first found on the tennis courts so many years before.

Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara  |  Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka  |  Maid of Honor Dress: Adrianna Papell  |  Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale  |  Flower Girl Dress: BHLDN  |  Groom and Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux  |  Makeup: Miranda Richards  |  Hair: Denee Lockhart  |  Invitations, Programs & Menu Cards: Invitations Ink  |  Church: Tower Hill, First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank  |  Venue: Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club  |  Flowers and Decor: Katydid Floral Design by Kate Duffy  |  Band: Billy Stone Band from Hank Lane  |  Cake and Favors: Antoinette Boulangerie


Tappan Hill Mansion: Tarrytown, NY: Kellie & David's Wedding

One of the things that make Kellie and David work as a couple is how different they are. David is reserved, with a dry wit that he saves for just the right moment, while Kellie is a ball of energy, cheerful and always up for a new adventure. Together, they compliment each other perfectly. Kellie makes David smile bigger than most of his friends have ever seen, encouraging him to try new things and find joy in the smallest moments. David supports Kellie and constantly cracks her up like only he can.

If there was one thing for certain on their wedding day, it was that these two are undeniably, unbelievably crazy about one another. The bright, wide smile on Kellie’s face all day was plenty of proof alone but epic first dance they did floored all of their guests - not the least of which David’s friends who had never seen him dance like that ever before. It was a beautiful testament to just how much Kellie and David’s family and friends surrounding the dance floor and cheering for a couple whose love for one another is as clear as the looks on their faces.

Venue: Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY  |  Caterer: Abigail Kirsch 

Liberty Warehouse: Brooklyn, NY: Teresa & Joe's Wedding

When Teresa and Joe met several summers ago, they connected over many things. They shared a love of adventure and travel, of hard work and making time for fun, and, most of all, their dedication to family. 

That commitment was obvious during their wedding day. Their ceremony took place at the very same church where Teresa’s grandparents AND her own parents had gotten married years before - and they were their in the pews, watching their Teresa stand in the very same place they had when they said their own vows so many years before. During the reception, funny, emotional speeches were offered up by Teresa’s cousin and Joe’s brothers - their words making it clear that they were not only family, but best friends. 

They say that every couple needs a solid support system, people to cheer them on throughout their marriage. There is no doubt that Teresa and Joe have that and so much more in the family they have surrounded themselves with - both their literal relatives and the friends who stood by their side on their wedding day, and every day.

Bridal Gown: Romona Keveka  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  | Make-Up: Stacie Ford Weddings  |  Flowers: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design  |  Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Brooklyn, NY  |  Venue: The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY

Liberty Warehouse: Brooklyn, NY: Stephanie & Evan's Wedding

If I had dreamt up the perfect way to launch our wedding season this year, this wedding would pretty much be it: a gorgeous couple, an incredible group of family and friends and a spectacular location in NYC. It was so wonderful, no one seemed to much mind the slight chill in the air or the clouds in the sky. In fact, that all seemed to add to the cozy, romantic atmosphere of the day.

You may recognize Stephanie and Evan from their engagement session we blogged last year - their sweet natural chemistry is hard to forget. If there was one common theme throughout the toasts from their day it was that these two love each other in a way that is completely evident in all that they do. They are truly one another’s best friend. And that is so clear that it never even had to be said. But, each time it was, you could see a light of recognition in Stephanie and Evan’s eyes. And whenever they glanced at one another throughout the night, there was no doubt that, for that day, these were the two happiest people in the world. Really, how could you not be when you have found your best friend and your spouse in the very same person?

Bridal Gown: Christos  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Hair: Styles on B  |  Make-Up: Carley Smith  |  Invitations: Bella Figura  |  Flowers: Noir Hanna International  |  Groom's Suit: Paul Smith  |  Groomsmen Suits: MySuit  |  Band: Hank Lane: Ernest Mills Band  |  Cake: Mini Melanie