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Fairfield County, Connecticut: Colette's Baby Session

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There’s a wonderful little side effect of owning your own business in that you essentially get to chose your pseudo “co workers” - the colleagues that you bounce ideas off of or that you go to for advice; the people who really understand the ups and downs of self employment within the same industry.  And, if you do it right, these people become not only your colleagues, but your friends. Friends that you cherish because they understand you in a way many people don’t. 

We have been lucky to count Vicki and Erik as our friends in this way for over 8 years now. When we lived in Connecticut, we would get together with them regularly to talk about business, life, food. We would talk about our dreams in life and one of the main things we knew that they wanted in life was to become parents. So when Vicki called us a few months ago to tell us she was pregnant, we couldn’t have been happier for them (honestly, I got tears in my eyes when she told me). 

Their little girl Colette arrived last month (a full month early) and she is absolutely perfect. A tiny blend of the two fabulous people she gets to call Mom and Dad. (Our schedule worked out that we happened to be in New Haven the weekend Colette arrived so the first photos you'll see below are actually from the hospital when we stopped by to visit.)

We love seeing Vicki and Erik holding her and were so honored to photograph their very first session as a family. It’s always an honor to photograph other photographers but this session was even more special because we got to capture our friends in the role we knew they were meant to be in: parents. 

And now we’ll get to talk to them about the new journey they’re embarking on as husband and wife business owners, navigating the path of raising a baby, building their business, and trying to stay sane in the process. It’s possible, we promise. And any time you’re in doubt (or we are) at least we’ll all have each other to talk to about it all.

Union League Cafe: New Haven, CT: Linsey & Peter's Wedding

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Linsey and Pete met during law school, on one of those rare nights out when they both happened to select the same local bar as the perfect location to serve as a much-needed break from studying. Linsey and her friends spotted Pete and his across the room and pretty much right away Linsey knew that she wanted to talk to Pete. He noticed her, too, of course and soon they struck up a conversation. They discovered that they had a lot in common in addition to their shared interest in law - specifically a drive and focus, devotion to friends and family and a desire to live life to the fullest. They complimented each other, too, something their friends and family would take note of as when they saw Linsey and Pete as a couple. 

They decided to marry in Linsey’s home state and incorporate many family traditions in the process. Linsey wore her grandmother’s bracelet - the very same one that her grandmother had worn on her own wedding day and that each woman in the family had worn for their wedding ever since. Linsey and Pete traveled from their ceremony to their reception in Linsey’s grandfather’s Model T - a car that had been a great source of pride for him. Throughout the day, they had many of their own touches and moments that will serve as sources of inspiration for many more future generations to come. From their classic attire to their incredible first dance, Linsey and Pete’s wedding was the perfect blend of classic and modern, romance and fun - in short, it was an amazing day very fitting of this incredible couple.

Bridal Gown: Modern Trousseau  |  Shoes: Badgley Mischka  |  Hair: Shari of Naomi's Studio and Salon  |  Make-Up: Stephanie of Naomi's Studio and Salon  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Sung  |  Floral Design: Fleurescent of Milford, Connecticut  |  Ceremony Location: St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Reception Location: Union League Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Darren Litzie Trio  |  DJ: Boppers Events

Venue Profile: Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club

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As Labor Day is approaching (far too quickly, in our opinion), we thought it would be nice to feature another one of our favorite wedding venues - specifically, one that happens to be on the ocean. I could list some of the many reasons why a couple would want to have their wedding on the Jersey shore, but really all you would have to do is visit one of the shore towns to understand. There is an energy along the shore; one that would captivate guests and set the tone for a fun, laid back wedding. 

When selecting the perfect shore town for your wedding, any list would most definitely include Spring Lake. A summer getaway for wealthy families in the late 19th century, Spring Lake was a coastal resort similar to those of Newport, Rhode Island and Bar Harbor, Maine. The preservation of many of the town’s sprawling Victorian mansions is in keeping with great pride local residents have for the town's storied history. But it is not merely a summer retreat town anymore. Spring Lake has many year-round residents which means that it is more like an active community than simply a vacation destination. Tree-lined streets and a (newly restored) boardwalk are meticulously maintained, as is the two mile stretch of beach. There are plenty of hotels (many of which are converted Victorian houses) and gourmet restaurants should your guests want to extend their stay.  

One of our favorite wedding venues in Spring Lake is the Bath and Tennis Club. Directly across from the ocean, the club has sprawling views of the Atlantic and private beach access. Outdoor ceremonies can take place in the club’s terrace patio which has expansive views of the ocean and sunset. (For couples interested in a church ceremony, the club is a very easy distance to what just may be the most beautiful church in New Jersey: St. Catherine's.) Cocktail hour is typically served on the club’s patio where guests can enjoy food and drinks around the Olympic-size, salt-water swimming pools. The ballroom seats up to 300 guests and features high ceilings adorned with antique crystal chandeliers. You can customize your wedding menu and rest easy knowing that the dance floor has plenty of room to accommodate your guests and their dance moves.

Spring Lake borough and the surrounding shore towns are sometimes referred to as the “Irish Riviera” because of the large Irish-American population in the area. In fact, it has the highest percentage of any municipality in the United States. So if you dream of having your wedding after party in a Irish pub, you have many to chose from in Spring Lake.

Glen Island Harbour Club: New Rochelle, NY: Lindsey & Eric's Wedding

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Eric met Lindsey for the first time sixteen years ago when they were kids that happened to be at the same party. Eric very much remembers seeing Lindsey for the first time. His memory of her pink braces and infectious laugh are still vivid today. Lindsey remembers that first meeting, too. Though she didn’t admit it for a while, even then Lindsey knew she was interested in Eric. He made her laugh. Being with him made her happy. They both say now that deep down, they always knew.

On their wedding day, you could say that it rained, but that would be an understatement. More accurately, it was a downpour. But it didn't matter. Neither Lindsey nor Eric were bothered one bit by the weather. Because when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, all they could think of was how crazy they are about each another and the deep, rich history they share having already known each other for half their lives.

And that day was proof that some things never change. Lindsey’s love of pink was on full display throughout the day. Her infectious laugh is still the quickest way to make Eric smile. And, of course, he’s the one who can make her laugh the fastest. 

During their vows, Eric told Lindsey that he had learned over the years that “Wherever you are is where I want to be.” Based on how strong their relationship has been for so long already, it’s easy to see that Lindsey and Eric will continue to be right by each other's sides, making each other happy for a very long time to come.

Ceremony & Reception Location: Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY  |  Hair: Nanette Granoe  |  Make-up: Jennifer Day from Jennifer Leigh Beauty  |  Bridal Gown: Danielle Caprese from Kleinfeld Bridal  | Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo for BHLDN  |  Floral Design: Arcadia Floral Company  |  Band: Next Faze from Faze 4 Orchestras

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Laura & Shea's Wedding

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Many of us probably have a single friend or a sibling that we know would make someone very happy. If only they could find that person. Or, perhaps, if only you could find that person for them. But how many of us are fortunate enough to stumble upon that person for ourselves, let alone find that person for someone else? Well, Laura’s sister Angela is just that lucky. And Angela’s luck became Laura’s when she practically hand-picked Shea just for Laura when she met him a few years back. Angela’s match-making took a bit of time to pull off (the timing had to be right for both Laura & Shea in their respective lives), but once Laura and Shea went on that first date it wasn’t long before Laura, Shea (and even Angela) knew this was the one.

After hearing about their story and seeing how adorable Laura and Shea are together during their engagement session, we knew their wedding day was going to be amazing. And it was. Most notably, their first look was just about the best one we have ever seen. And that’s saying something after over 10 years of photographing weddings. The minute Shea turned around and saw Laura in her gorgeous Hayley Paige gown, he let out an audible gasp. Then, he said nothing.  Laura had literally left him speechless. He knew she would look beautiful, of course, but seeing her in that white gown and knowing that in just a few hours she would be his wife, he was overcome with emotion. So was Laura. (And, honestly, so were we). 

It was that moment that really set the tone for the whole evening, because this is a couple that just melt into each other’s arms. It’s clear to see why they are perfect for one another and why Angela had thought to set them up so many years before. Because when you want to help someone you love find the love of their life - you’re only going to want to find the best for them. And that’s exactly what Angela did for Laura.

Bridal Gown: Hayley Paige  |  Bridal Salon: The White Dress by the Shore in Clinton, CT  |  Hair: Laura from Larissa Lake Make-Up Artists  |  Make-Up: Melanie from Larissa Lake Make-Up Artists  |  Shoes: Badgley Mishka  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  |  Ceremony & Reception Location: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, CT  |  Formal Photo Location: Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT  |  Floral Design: Flowers by Danielle in Trumbull, CT  |  Band: Bock and Blu

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Sam and Gareth's Wedding

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It was true for some relatives and friends of both Sam and Gareth that the wedding was their first opportunity to meet one half of the happy couple. But based on the toasts and comments throughout the evening, even the guests who had not seen the couple together before have witnessed the effect the relationship has had on their friend. Because the love Sam and Gareth share is visible; the way they have improved one another’s lives is something they each carry with them no matter where they happen to be. Together, they have both become better versions of themselves. That is what was visible to all the people who love them.

Sam and Gareth’s love is not over the top or showy. It is, instead, quiet and steady. And when they speak of their feelings for one another, the words come from the deepest depths of their hearts.  So much so that when they exchanged their vows there was barely a dry eye in the courtyard. In their vows, they promised each other to be a constant source of love and support while also remembering  to pledge to do (or try to do) the little, everyday things that could improve one another’s lives. 

Their day was romantic and sweet, much like the connection they share. And the celebration was full of love and support from all the people who were so happy to see both Sam and Gareth as the very best versions of themselves - the ones they are when they are together.

Ceremony Location: Yale Law School Courtyard  |  Grooms' Attire: Hugo Boss from Saks Fifth Avenue  |  Grooms' Shoes: Cole Haan  |  Reception Location: New Haven Lawn Club  |  Floral Design: Diane Gaudett  |  DJ: Geoff from Local Motion

Princeton University: Yuna and Barrett's Engagement Session

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When they met as students together at Princeton University, it’s not hard to guess what drew Yuna and Barrett to one another. They are both gorgeous, inside and out, of course. They also happened to have several shared interests, not the least of which was the sport that led them to cross paths in the first place: rowing. As members of their respective crew teams, Yuna and Barrett got to know each other quite well. They started dating in their freshmen spring, and as graduation approached, they took the time to grow and discover exactly what they wanted in life. Thankfully, they both came to the same conclusion: the thing they wanted most was a life together.

After graduation Yuna and Barrett took jobs in D.C., serving as each other’s source of inspiration and support as they navigated the task of establishing their careers.  They are both incredibly smart and driven. We have no doubt thay they will play a role in making the world a better place.  In a way, they already have, just by being together. Yuna and Barrett are the kind of couple that make you happy, simply by being around them. Their joy is visible. Their connection is evident.

We loved getting to spend the afternoon with them, getting a mini tour of the Princeton campus, and photographing them in places that hold so much meaning for them. We are looking forward to capturing the Yuna and Barrett's wedding next summer. The day is going to be incredible (and beautiful as it's being planned by our friend Libby of Jubilee Events) and we most look forward to continuing to capture the love between this amazing couple as they become husband and wife. 

360 East: Montauk, NY: Jackie and Mike's Wedding

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There were ominous clouds for the beginning of the morning on the day Jackie and Mike got married. Those heavy gray ones that seem like they might open up at any moment. Not exactly ideal when you have planned an outdoor ceremony in a truly epic location - a cliffside overlooking the famed Montauk Point Lighthouse.  But neither Jackie or Mike were phased by those clouds. They had full faith that the rain would stay away and that the day would be perfect. Because, no matter what, the day was going to be amazing. And, based on the way they look at each other, I’m not even sure they would have noticed right away if the rain had started to fall.  By the time their ceremony arrived, the clouds didn’t shed so much as a drop. Instead, they provided an even more dramatic backdrop as Jackie and Mike stood in front of their closest friends and family and publicly displayed what has been in their hearts for years. 

When it came to planning their wedding, it was really important to Jackie and Mike that the day was going to be, above all else, a ton of fun.  Believe us, they delivered. From the beginning of cocktail hour and throughout the reception, it was a celebration that truly fit the couple.  Because Jackie and Mike, and their lively group of friends, bring the party no matter where they go. Even better, they make sure to encourage everyone around them to be as happy as they are.  Of course all you needed to do throughout their wedding day was look at Jackie and Mike and see how truly, visibily in love with each other they are and you couldn’t help but feel great that these two found each other.

Bridal Gown: WToo by Watters  |  Bridesmaids Gowns: Bill Levkoff  |  Bridal Salon: Bridepower  |  Hair & Make-up: Janine Forman  |  Floral Design: MK Flower Studio  |  Ceremony Location: Turtle Cove Bluff at Camp Hero State Park in Montauk, NY  |  Reception Location: 360 East at Montauk Downs in Montauk, NY  |  Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Ricky Roche, One Man Band  |  Catering: Lessings  |  Cake: Rolling Pin Bakery  |  Reception Entertainment: TLC Entertainment

Spring Lake, NJ: Lindsay & Blake's Engagement Session

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Lindsay and Blake met for the first time years ago at the bath and tennis club were she had spent many summers for most of her life. One of those summers happened to be particularly fateful when the new tennis pro caught her eye. He, of course, noticed her, too, and it wasn’t long before they were spending time together off the court and outside of the club. Beside their shared interest in tennis, they found that they had quite a bit in common: deep connection to their families, a desire to soak in nature and live a contented, simple life. Not long after they became a couple. Their relationship became the foundation of their lives and soon they both knew that there was nothing else they wanted more than to be together forever. 

This spring they’ll marry in their new home town of Rumson but they decided to take their engagement photos in the town where they first met: Spring Lake. We started at Lindsay’s parent’s house where we were able to incorporate Lindsay & Blake’s sweet dog, Banker, into some photos. From there we returned to the scene of Lindsay & Blake's first meeting - the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club, where we even got to take some fun shots with the two of them on the courts.

We are so happy for Lindsay and Blake that they found each other that fateful summer and even happier that we will get to capture their wedding day in May.

Venue Profile: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut

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Set in what is (in our opinion) Connecticut’s best city, the New Haven Lawn Club also happens to be one of our favorite venues in the state. The Lawn Club’s distinct art-deco architecture makes it the perfect venue for a couple looking for an elegant ballroom in which to host a black-tie wedding.  Founded in 1891, the Lawn Club is a stately Georgian mansion set in New Haven’s prestigious East Rock neighborhood. The current main building was built in the late 1920’s in the colonial revival style. The club is a staple for New Haven area events, frequently hosting functions for nearby Yale University. It has a long and storied history and counts Eli Whitney as one of it’s founding members.

After admiring the building’s brick exterior, guests make their way through a covered portico and into a circular lobby featuring black-and-white checkered terrazzo floors. Wood-burning fireplaces are located throughout the main floor of the club and are typically filled with candles for events. Cocktail hour takes place in the Main Dining Room which features two fireplaces, large windows and a grand piano. The true gem of the Lawn Club is it’s Ballroom.  Dramatic and majestic from it’s star-accented, barrel-vaulted ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and four gorgeous Austrian Art Deco crystal chandeliers, we have literally heard guests gasp when they walk into the room. The ballroom can host up to 225 people for a sit-down dinner and has a stage that is perfect for a large band. A terrace is located just outside the doors of the Ballroom and can be accessed by guests throughout the night.

For many of our couples who have gotten married at the Lawn Club, one of their favorite experiences of the planning process was working with the Lawn Club coordinator, Christine. We have known Christine for many years and always enjoy getting to work with her because she is so good at what she does.  She is incredibly attentive to the couple and their families. She always makes sure wedding days run on time all while making everything come together so seamlessly it appears effortless.

Guests traveling in from out of state or thinking about staying for the weekend can look forward to some of the many experiences the city of New Haven has to offer. They can try some of the city’s famous pizza, visit area museums and tour the campus at Yale. New Haven also has a number of fantastic hotels, our favorite is The Study at Yale - a chic, boutique hotel where they can enjoy the amazing brunch at Heirloom (the hot caramel apple doughnuts are incredible). 

Stay tuned on the blog for two recent weddings we photographed at the Lawn Club this month. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite images from Lawn Club weddings that truly show off the grandeur of the space.