Grace Restaurant: Portland, Maine: Jessica & Ben's Wedding

Rob and I met Jessica a decade ago, back when Rob and I worked together at Sacred Heart.  Jess was one of the most outgoing students I had ever met.  She was bubbly and sweet, the kind of person who really paid attention to the people around her and would give thoughtful gifts for no occasion.  So when she contacted us last year to tell us that she was engaged to the man of her dreams, we couldn’t have been happier for her.  She deserved every happiness, and hearing her gush over the phone about Ben and the plans she was already putting in place for their wedding day made us even more excited that we were one of her first calls as she got the plans in order.

We met Ben the morning of their wedding day and quickly saw why Jess fell hard for him.  He’s every bit as sweet and generous as she is, quick to laugh and fiercely devoted to the people he loves.  The two of them together have a sort of contagious energy, like you’re just waiting for one of them to say something hilarious.  They had worked together to make their wedding day special, honoring those they love and making sure that everyone gathered together to celebrate with them would have a blast.  From the family heirloom trinkets Jess carried with her to honor her late grandparents, to their rhyming, Suess-inspired vows, their wedding day was full of thoughtful, quirky touches that made it all the more personal and emotional for everyone in attendance.  

Venue: Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine  |  Hair: Connie from Boulevard Fashion  |  Make-up: Bri from Britara Wellness  |  DJ: Dave Dionne

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, Connecticut: Nicole & Sal's Wedding

The way the storm clouds rolled in, it was clear pretty early on that there would be no significant break from the rain on Nicole & Sal’s wedding day. As she was getting ready that morning with her bridesmaids, the rain pounded on the windows, alternating between intense downpours and the kind of sideways sticky rain that even umbrellas can’t shield you from.  But inside that room, there was no hint of that dreariness. It was as though Nicole herself was a virtual ray of sunshine - her complete and total joy shining on everyone around her.

It was that radiance that had drawn Sal to Nicole in the first place and when he saw her for their first look, his face lit up too.  The two of them were beaming: Nicole with her irresistible, kid-on-Christmas-morning smile, Sal with his sly smile and incredible dimples.  From the first look to their ceremony and then out on the dance floor, they were completely connected.  Sal constantly reaching for her hand, Nicole draping her arms around his neck.  And as you watched the two of them, so completely in sync and head-over-heels in love, you could tell  that theirs would be a life together that could brave any storm and brighten even the rainiest of days.

Hair & Make-Up: Dana Bartone  |  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  |  Flowers: Fleur de Lys in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Ceremony Location: St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Venue: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Band: Charles St. Paul Band

Washington, DC: Brooklyn & Charlotte's Portrait Session

There are few things we love more than the kind of email we received from Nicole and Pat not too long ago.  Our babies have arrived, we’d like you to photograph them. 

It’s a huge honor for us to know that Nicole and Pat would like us to continue to capture their journey together as a couple, especially with moments as precious as their first months together with their sweet twin girls.  As parents ourselves, we remember the whirlwind of emotions that come in those first few months and one of the strongest is the knowledge that each of those moments go by so quickly, that babies go so fast as you want to hold on to each and every minute as much as you can.  That’s why we love sessions that take place in the children’s home, where they are the most comfortable, where all of the memories are naturally unfolding.

After capturing Nicole and Pat’s engagement session and wedding back in 2010, we were thrilled to return to D.C. to see their beautiful home and meet their gorgeous daughters.  We are so happy for them and the life they have built together. We feel so lucky that we’ve been able to capture that joy for them and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

Private Estate: The Hamptons, New York: Danielle & Ben's Wedding

Even though they both lived in the city, Danielle and Ben met for the first time when the heat of the summer drove them to find respite on the nearby shore of Fire Island.  A mutual friend introduced them which led to what would become Ben’s best discovery since he had arrived in the US from England: Danielle.  They didn’t become a couple right away, but once they did it was clear that they were meant to be together.  

When they started to plan their wedding, they decided to return to Long Island, to marry on a warm Fall afternoon.  At a beautiful private estate in the Hamptons, they gathered together all their friends and family from near and far to celebrate with them as they promised forever.  There was barely a dry eye when Danielle and Ben exchanged their hand-written vows and barely an empty space on the dance floor as they celebrated well into the evening.  When the party came to an end, Danielle and Ben danced out onto the lawn of the estate, surrounded by sparklers, music and plenty of love.

Wedding Gown: Vera Wang  |  Hair: Mauricio  |  Make-up: Done by Bride's friend Dina  |  Shoes: Prada  |  Caterer: Grace & Grit  |  Flowers:  Naomi de Mañana  |  DJ: Justin Pallack

Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Jean & Andrew's Wedding

When they first struck up a conversation at a crowded midtown Manhattan bar in the spring of 2009, Jean had no idea that she had just met the man she was going to marry.  But there were things that might have tipped her off that the universe was trying to bring them together.  They were both raised in Texas, and in spite of sharing a mutual friend, they didn't get to know each other until they happened to move to the biggest city in America.  They might have passed one another in the lobby or on the elevator of the office building in which they both happened to work, but they didn't have their first conversation until they just happened to be in one of the many, many bars in the city.

Even though that first conversation went really well, Jean didn’t think there was much of a future at first because Andy had told her he was moving to LA in just three weeks. He asked for her number anyway and called her several times to ask her to join him for an official first date.  Thankfully, she agreed to go and see where this could lead.   

That night, over dinner in the West Village, Jean and Andy made a connection so strong that it ultimately made him decide to postpone his cross-country move for a bit just so he could spend more time with her.  When Andy did finally go to LA, they stayed together and had some fun with the distance - seeing each other every two or three weeks and sometimes meeting in another city they could explore together.  Somewhere over the miles of air travel, long phone calls and adventures together in new cities, they both discovered that they couldn’t live without each other.  

Once Andy returned to New York and they started planning their wedding, they decided it had to take place in the city that had brought them together. This fall, they exchanged vows in the NYC neighborhood they now call home and we feel so honored that we were there to capture the magic of their day with their family, friends and their sweet dog, Tofu.

Venue: Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, NY  |  Bridal Gown: Nicole Miller  |  Shoes: Jimy Choo

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Debbie & Todd's Wedding

After spending a wonderful afternoon in New Haven with Debbie and Todd for their engagement session and hearing about all the amazing things they had planned, we knew that their wedding was going to be fabulous.  And we were absolutely right.  From the moment Debbie and Todd first saw each other, they didn’t stop smiling at one another and we loved getting to spend time with them in Edgerton Park before the ceremony began back at the Lawn Club.

They had a gorgeous set-up for their ceremony, having the chairs arranged in the round so their friends and family were surrounding them on all sides and their beautiful chuppah directly in the center.  It was a short and sweet ceremony with heartfelt readings and beaming parents in the front row. Cocktail hour set the tone for the lively evening to follow with impromptu sing alongs by the grand piano. More performances followed during the reception - a Bollywood-style dance from Debbie’s friends from Harvard and an a cappella performance by The Duke’s Men of Yale, which Debbie joined as a surprise.  When they night came to an end, Debbie and Todd made a grand exit under sparklers, once again surrounded by the family and friends they loved, smiling all the while.

Venue: New Haven Lawn Club  in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Flowers: Fleur de lys Floral in New Haven, Connecticut  |  DJ: Local Motion 

Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Ellie & Luke's Wedding

Having grown up nearly 10,000 miles apart, it’s entirely possible that Ellie and Luke may  have never met one another.  Being that Ellie was from the UK and Luke grew up in Australia, their paths may have never crossed had it not been for their shared sense of adventure and the fact that they happened to pursue the same career.  They met when they were both far from home, working for the same company in Moscow.  They remember the first night they got to know each other outside of work, spending time with co-workers a particularly rowdy Moscow bar where Ellie impressed Luke with her sense of humor and lust for life.  He, of course, had caught her eye already and as she got to know him she was thrilled to discover he was every bit as wonderful as she hoped he would be.

They found that in addition to work they had quite a bit in common - fierce loyalty to their friends and family, dedication to their careers and a desire to see as much of the world as possible.  From the moment they became a couple, they were like a force of nature - driven in work, spirited in play - the people that you couldn’t help but want to be around.  When Luke got a job opportunity in Hong Kong, it wasn’t long before Ellie joined him there.  A proposal followed not long after to which Ellie enthusiastically said yes.

As the started to plan their wedding they knew they wanted it to take place in their favorite city in the world: New York.  This fall, nearly 5,000 miles from where this Aussie groom met his British wife in Moscow, Ellie and Luke said I do with their closest friends and family standing around them, surrounded by the cityscape of Manhattan. 

Bridal Gown: Inbal Dror  |  Bridal Salon: Audella Bridal in Hong Kong  |  Venue: Gramercy Park Hotel 

Ridgefield, Connecticut: Tom & Becky's Family Session

We always love getting to meet up with couples after their wedding as their families grow - meeting their babies and getting to capture the next stage in their lives together.  That’s especially  true for this session since Rob and I have known Tom for many, many years, having attended Sacred Heart University with him and, like so many people at SHU, have gotten to know Tom as the true positive force of nature that he is.  When we photographed his wedding to Becky last year, we got to see first-hand just how special their connection to one another is and the beautiful family they already had with Becky’s daughter Katie.  

They have now added another gorgeous little girl to their family and we joined them in their picturesque hometown of Ridgefield for a session with them as a family of four.  We had a blast exploring their town with them, catching up with what they have been up to and  hearing about Tom’s ever-expanding magic business (he’s incredible, by the way, if you have a party or event coming up and you’re looking for some great entertainment - check him out).  We can’t thank Tom & Becky enough for  trusting us to capture these special moments in their lives and we look forward to seeing them again soon as their beautiful girls get older. 

Central Park: NYC: Lindsey & Eric's Engagement

Lindsey and Eric met as kids, way back when they shared summers together at the same camp.  They weren’t a couple then, but when you see them today it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when these two weren’t intricately connected.  They have the kind of witty banter you would see in a old-school romantic comedy and chemistry that make them captivating to watch whenever they are together.  You can’t help but have fun when you’re with them because they’ll make you laugh just as much as they make one another.

We spend an afternoon with Lindsey and Eric on what happened to be an incredibly gorgeous day in Central Park.  They spent most of the time laughing, joking around with one another and making us super happy.  Because there’s nothing better for a photographer than a couple who are completely at ease with each other and whose natural chemistry is a true joy to capture.

Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club: Erin & Owen's Wedding

There are some weddings when, as a watchful observer, we can look around the room and see that there is a clear consensus.  At Erin and Owen’s wedding, that consensus was, it’s about time.  You see, Erin and Owen met for the first time when they were just eight years old, and even from that very first day they had a special connection.  Back then, it was a bond sparked by the discovery that they shared the very same birthday - same day, same year.  As they got older, attended the same middle school and high school, they discovered they had much more in common and became close friends.  But, even though they attended the prom together, they never dated back then.  

After graduation, they went to separate colleges but stayed in touch.  They and their group of friends would get together during breaks and over the summer, and although both Erin and Owen may have had an inkling that there could be something more between them, the timing was never quite right.  Until it was.  In the fall of 2009, they both ended up living and working in New York City, and connected in a new way.  To hear his friends tell it, it was obvious that Owen had been crazy about Erin for years.  And when they finally became a couple, everyone agreed that they just made sense together. 

On their wedding day, there was laughter, tears, love and a definitive sense that every person in the room knew that Erin and Owen were met to be together.  And, like in most things in life, it’s all about timing.

Bridal Gown: Christos  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  |  Florist: Dorian of Wallflowers in Wall, New Jersey  |  Tuxedo: Hugo Boss  |  Invitations & Paper: Sesame Letterpress  |  Ceremony Location: St. Catharine’s in Spring Lake, New Jersey  |  Reception Location: Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club in Spring Lake, New Jersey  |  Band: Russ Bennett Band

Special Wedding Planning Event at the Gramercy Park Hotel

As the weather has changed from Summer to Fall, it's inevitable that all of you newly engaged couples out there are switching gears from relaxing on the beach to launching into full-blown wedding planning mode. And if you have glanced at even one of those "To Do" check lists, you've probably ended up just like I was when we started planning our own wedding years ago - overwhelmed. It can seem so daunting, can't it? Exciting, but a bit overwhelming.  So many decisions, so many choices. If only you could find out a bunch of information all at once. If only you could meet with really great hand-picked vendors in person all in one evening. No navigating through the rows upon rows of tables at a wedding show only to walk out feeling like a face in the crowd. 

Well, we completely understand where you are coming from and in our continuing desire to make wedding planning easier for all, we are hosting a free special event that does exactly that. In just over one week from today, on Sunday, November 9 from 4pm-10:30pm we will be at a suite at the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC along with the very best wedding professionals in the Northeast. Couples in attendance will get to schedule meetings with Rob & I and our videography team. 

In addition, you will have the chance to meet in person or get information about flowers, bridal and bridesmaids dresses, cakes, event planning & design and more! Wedding professionals participating in this event include Sugar Flower Cake Shop, Baton NYC Wedding Planning, The White Dress by the Shore, celebrity make-up artist DD Nickel

Special pricing and promotions are available from all of the wedding professionals involved including up to $500 off wedding photography & videography collections from us. This is what the editors of Style Me Pretty New York had to say about our event. 

Since it's so important for us to make sure each and every couple gets personal attention and the time to have their questions answered, we do require that you SIGN UP HERE so we can schedule your personalized meeting time. 

Spaces are filling up fast, so contact us today! We promise, it'll be a fantastic event and you'll be so happy to be able to check off a bunch of things from that wedding "To Do" list.

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Stacey & Patrick's Wedding

When a bride plans a spectacularly gorgeous wedding (one that includes every beautiful detail you can imagine) it would be easy to think that it would be challenging for her to switch gears from planner to bride.  That maybe she wouldn't be able to enjoy the day because she would be thinking  too much about making sure everything came together just right.  Not so for Stacey.  Yes, she had single-handedly planned and styled an incredible wedding, but when the day finally rolled around, her razor sharp focus was on one thing: enjoying each and every single minute of that day.  She was beaming, she was giddy. She was every bit the stunning bride that everyone knew she would be.

And from the moment Pat saw her that morning, he couldn't stop smiling when he looked at her.  With his movie-star worthy dimples and her impeccable style, you couldn't take your eyes off this couple as they said their vows through happy tears, walked down the aisle with their beloved dog and then danced the night away.  When the night came to an end and they walked out in a sea of glittering sparklers, one thing was absolutely certain: Stacey and Pat thoroughly enjoyed their wedding day. Each and every minute of it.  And so had everyone else.

Wedding Dress: Oscar de La Renta  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  Bridesmaids Dresses: Watters  Bowties: Brooks Brothers  Socks: Charles Tyrwhitt  Wedding Rings & Cufflinks: Tiffany & Co.  Cake: J Cakes  Band: Peat Moss and the Fertilizers

Central Park: NYC: Regan & Michael's Portrait Session

As photographers, we have spent a lot of time in Central Park.  It’s a classic NYC location and it never disappoints in it’s beauty but one of our favorite things about photographing in Central Park is making each session that we do there unique.  We always bring out each couple’s personality and sensibility while incorporating the timeless setting of the park in every season.

Regan and Mike wanted to take advantage of just how beautiful Central Park can be in the Fall and really lucked out by getting the gorgeous fall color and light on a day that was 70 degrees.  Native Canadians, Regan and Mike have embraced their new home country and wanted to capture this special time in their lives (they are newlyweds who recently tied the knot at City Hall) in the city that has brought them so much joy.  We had a great time with the two of them, and really enjoyed capturing how gentle and sweet they are with one another.

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Lissy & James' Wedding

If you met Lissy and James separately, you might not instantly recognize just how perfect they are for one another.  In many ways they seem like opposites.  In fact, when they met for the first time at their college reunion, they even looked like opposites - James dressed in a suit, Lissy wearing jeans and a tank top.  But when they started to talk that night, they discovered that they had quite a number of things in common, the most important being their shared desire to see each other again.

As they began dating, they discovered that their opposing sensibilities helped them.  They balanced each other out.  They introduced each other to new things.  Most of all, they made each other laugh. A lot.  If there’s one thing you notice about Lissy and James when you see them together, it’s that they make each other deliriously happy.  As a couple, they are a pure, concentrated joy. You can’t help but smile when you’re with them, not just because they’re probably making you laugh, but also because you know that in seeing them together you are witnessing something special.  

That was never more evident than when you heard Lissy and James exchange their vows.  Personal, funny and incredibly touching, when Lissy and James promised forever to each other in front of their family and friends the room went silent. Everyone wanted to hear what they had to say, because they knew it would be amazing. In his vows, James didn’t promise that he would love Lissy.  He didn’t have to, he said, because it was an undeniable truth that he will love her.  That he will always love her.  I don’t have to tell you that when he said those words it wasn’t just Lissy who wiped away tears (it may have been me too).  

The celebration that followed was exuberant, with Lissy and James in the center of the floor, wowing their guests with their incredible dance moves. They danced the way only two people so clearly in sync can do - so full of life and love that you couldn’t take your eyes off them.  

Pre-Ceremony Location: The Study at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut  Hair & Make-up: DD Nickel  Bridal Gown: Sarah Seven  Bridal Salon: Lovely Bride in New York City  Shoes: Pelle Moda  Venue: The New Haven Lawn Club  Florist: Fleur de Lys in New Haven, Connecticut  Band: The Stingers Cake: Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop in New Haven, Connecticut 

Glen Island Harbour Club: New Rochelle, NY: Maureen & James' Wedding

After we spent a bright early spring day photographing Maureen & James’s engagement session in New Orleans, we knew two things with absolute certainty: that they were one seriously adorable couple and that their wedding day would be sweet and fun, just like they are with one another.  

When their day finally came around, we were happy to discover that we were exactly right.  From the very beginning of the day, their wedding was everything we knew it would be.  Even more, we saw that the true connection between Maureen and James was so clearly evident, in big ways and small.

It was evident in the way James would sneak a peek at Maureen during the ceremony, smiling sweetly at her when she didn’t even know it.  It was clear in the way Maureen reached over and held James’s hand during the readings at their ceremony, the way she made him laugh while we took pictures along the Long Island Sound.  And if you needed any more evidence that Maureen and James were meant to be together, you simply had to look at the face of Maureen’s mother or look at James’s parents at any point during the day - they, too, were beaming, so happy that their children had found such an amazing love.

Bridal Gown: Pronovias  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  Bridesmaids Dresses: Donna Morgan  Ceremony Location: Sacred Heart Church in Hartsdale, New York  Reception Location: Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, New York  Flowers: Arcadia Florist in Mamaroneck, New York  Band: Around Town Band

Central Park, New York City: Melissa & Jared's Engagement Session

It’s a pretty universal truth that if you happen to go to a wedding without a date on your arm, there’s a good chance you just might leave the end of the night with a date on your calendar.  Or at least with the phone number of the person who caught your eye over the crudités.  

Melissa had been looking forward to the wedding of her friend for a while and was even more excited when she heard that there would be a single guy in attendance that her friend thought might be a good match for her.  When she saw Jared across the room, she had to agree.  Melissa made it a point to talk to Jared the first chance she got.  Tall, handsome and quick to make her laugh, Melissa knew she wanted to get to know Jared better.  Jared was quite taken with Melissa as well, and it wasn't long before he had her phone number and at the end of the night he drove Melissa and her friends back into the city.

They talked every day for the next three weeks, even though some of that time Melissa was actually traveling overseas.  It didn’t matter, they had a connection and they weren’t going to let miles, oceans and time zones get in the way.  Today, they are just about the happiest couple you could ever met - easy to talk to, fun to be around and they can both make you laugh in no time at all.  It’s not hard to see why they fell for one another so quickly.  

This December, Melissa and Jared will have the opportunity to share their good fortune and quite possibly, pay it forward.  At their New Year’s Eve wedding, they’ll not only be making official the love between them that is completely visible to every one they meet, they’ll also be a shining example to all of their single family and friends that you can find true, lasting love at a wedding. And maybe two of their guests will leave their wedding with a phone number and the promise of something amazing.

Bourne Mansion: Oakdale, New York: Jenna & Alex's Highlight Film

We are back from an absolutely amazing long weekend and we can not say enough how excited we are about the gorgeous images we captured at the two weddings we photographed.  That's on top of all the other weddings and engagement sessions we have done in the last few weeks that's giving us a bit of sensory overload as we're working on so many new posts coming up on the blog. We can not wait to share them all with you.  

The day after a fabulous wedding weekend is always an adjustment, coming down from the high of getting to be surrounded by so much joy.  But thankfully we came home to to find this sweet little gem in our inbox - our video team’s completed highlight video from Jenna & Alex’s wedding that we photographed this spring.  Watching it reminded us how special Jenna & Alex are as a couple and just how much fun we had at their incredible day.  Of course, you can see for yourself - check out their highlight video below.

Bridal Gown: Amsale  Shoes: Kate Spade  Hair: Chris Lospalluto  Make-up: Jason Ascher  Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale  Floral Design: Pedestals in Garden City Park, New York  Venue: The Bourne Mansion in Oakdale, New York  Caterer: Lessings  DJ: DJ Con of 74 Events

Greenwich, Connecticut: Martha & Fred's Maternity Session

We saw it written somewhere recently that October for photographers is like April for accountants and boy is that true! And really, you could say that is the case for pretty all of the Fall.  We’re going at full steam with weddings and all throughout the Northeast - from NYC to Maine and so many places in between.  We are absolutely loving getting to photograph such pretty events with so many wonderful people.  

Sometimes people ask us how we can stay fresh and creative during these busy seasons. Sessions like the one below is exactly how we do just that.  We love scheduling maternity and baby sessions in between our weddings and engagements because it gives us the opportunity to do something a little different and at a slower pace.

We spent an early Sunday morning with Martha and Fred in their hometown of Greenwich.  They are an incredible couple - so at ease with one another, playful, funny and their laughs are infectious.  We are so excited for them as they are awaiting the arrival of a baby in a few months and feel so honored that we were able to capture this special time in their lives.

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Regan & Alex's Wedding

The day Regan met Alex she was doing something that was completely out of character for her: running late to class.  But it was that action, that missed alarm clock or prolonged meeting, that led to her quite literally bumping into the man who would become her husband.  Tall and handsome with a kind smile, Alex introduced himself to Regan and, in that moment, he knew he had to get to know this gorgeous woman who walked into his life.  Both student athletes, they bonded over their drive to do well on the field and in the classroom and after graduation they ended up working in the same industry.

This August, Regan and Alex returned to Yale to become husband and wife on the very campus that brought them together so many years before.  They exchanged vows in the campus chapel and celebrated with the family and friends who have watched them grow as a couple in the years since that very first meeting.  Unlike the first day they met, Regan and Alex's wedding day was very much in keeping with exactly what you would expect from them.  It was romantic and sweet and all about the things they hold dear - their friends, their family (with a few nods to their beloved Yale Bulldogs.)

Bridal Gown: Elizabeth Dye  Bridal Salon: Lovely Bride in New York, NY  Shoes: L.K. Bennett  Hair: Daniela Schult  Make-Up: DD Nickel  Flowers: Fleur de Lys Floral in New Haven, Connecticut  Ceremony Location: St. Thomas More Chapel at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut  Reception Venue: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut  DJ: Geoff Pusko of Local Motion  Cake: J. Cakes

Avon, Connecticut: Alexandrea & John's Wedding

You could spend the better part of an morning trying to put into words the connection between Alex and John. Believe me, I tried.  But I kept coming back to the photos from their wedding - the way John’s entire face just lit up the moment he saw Alex walking toward him on her father’s arm, the way he would sneak a glance over at her during the ceremony like he wanted to make sure the whole thing was real, the way she beamed at him during her vows, the way she held his hand and danced with sheer joy at their reception.  

Those images say so much more about the way Alex and John feel about each other than I ever could.  Those images tell the story of a couple who fell head over heels for each other, who make each other laugh, who complete each other.  Alex and John's wedding was a celebration that was as much about the joining of their families as it was about the two of them.  They are a couple who value their families above all things and made sure to take note that in the room that day was everyone they loved.  Looking around the room that night, as Alex and John danced their first dance, it was clear that their friends and family adore them as much as Alex and John love one another.

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, NY  Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo  Flowers: O'Rourke & Birch in Waterbury, Connecticut  Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Loreto in Waterbury, Connecticut  Reception Venue: Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon, Connecticut  Cake: Chimirri's of Wethersfield, Connecticut DJ: DJ International