India House: New York, NY: Rachel & Brian's Wedding

It was quite possibly the coldest night of the year, the middle of the polar vortex during the winter of 2013. Rachel could have opted to go home to the warmth of her apartment but instead followed her friend’s suggestion of going to a nearby pub after work to get a few drinks. The normally very welcoming Stone Street was frigid and blustery that evening, but Ulysses was bright and warm, albeit not particularly crowded. It seemed as though most other New Yorkers had decided to bundle up and head home.

By chance, Brian decided to head into that very same pub for a pint and a bit of warmth that evening after a change of plans had him staying in New York a bit longer than he expected on his way up to Boston. He spotted Rachel across the room and went over to start a conversation, charming Rachel with his wit, Irish brogue, and smile. Shortly after that evening, Brian would call his brother back in Ireland and tell him definitively, “I’ve found the one.”

Rachel and Brian returned to to Stone Street, just around the corner from the place they would celebrate their wedding (a spot they had chosen intentionally because of the significance of it’s location), this summer shortly after they exchanged vows in one of New York City's most historic (and beautiful) churches. They walked hand-in-hand over the cobblestones, the warm August air decidedly more welcoming than the bitter cold of the night they had met.

They stopped in front of Ulysses. There, they were greeted by cheers from the patrons enjoying the outdoor cafes, none of whom had actually been there on the fateful night but all of whom know there is only one response when you see a couple so clearly in love: you cheer them on.

Getting Ready Location: The W New York Downtown  |  Hair: Jessica Buhan  |  Make-Up: Karmen Haik  |  Bridal Gown: Anne Barge  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal  |  Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo for BHLDN  |  Floral Design: Bloomers  |  Ceremony Location: St. Peter’s Catholic Church in New York, New York  |  Reception Location: India House in New York, New York  |  Caterer: Masterpiece Caterer  |  Cake: Financier Patisserie  |  Band: Cafe Wha Band

Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Jill & David's Wedding

There is something just so inherently romantic about an small, intimate wedding. That’s especially true when the wedding takes place in a storied New York City hotel which has been the location of the weddings of old-Hollywood stars and the temporary home of a future president. 

Jill and David’s wedding could very well have been a lot like an intimate old-school Hollywood wedding. They married beneath a roof of Edison bulbs, celebrated with a lavish meal, and then were seen off by their guests. They were transported around Manhattan in a a vintage yellow cab to take their portraits in some of the most beautiful spots in the city before retiring for the night. They woke the next morning early bright and early to head off to their mini honeymoon in the Hamptons in style, via helicopter. 

Stone Harbor, NJ: Lauren & Paolo's Wedding

Lauren had a dream of a beach wedding - the sound of the waves in the distance, the ocean breeze rustling her dress, clear sky blending into the blue ocean on the horizon.

Since she met Paolo, he became the center of that dream, with the most important part of it being that she would face him and they stand in the sand and pledge forever to one another.

It’s not often in life that you get to have a dream come to fruition exactly as you imagined it would, but a wedding day is a pretty must the best time in life for that to happen. When Lauren and Paolo exchanged their vows this summer on the beach in Stone Harbor, with the waves crashing into the shore, an ample breeze, blue sky above and ocean well into the distance - it was far better than any dream could have ever been, because in that moment they were making all the promised they had made to one another come true.

Venue: The Reeds at Shelter Haven  |  Ceremony Location: 97th Street Beach  |  Bridal Gown: Lazaro  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, NY

Huntington, New York: Alison & Danny's Wedding

The water was relatively still, boats spotting the bay in the distance as Danny stood, waiting for Alison. It was the first time he was going to see her in her wedding dress and, even before he could hear her footsteps approaching, he could feel the emotions start to build up in his chest. This day was the day he had been waiting for since the moment he knew he was going to ask Alison to be his wife. 

As she walked to him, the wind picked up, her veil dancing in the breeze as she went. She tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around he couldn’t hold in the happy tears any more. Neither could she. After months of planning, here they were, one step closer. Closer to exchange vows in front of the family and friends who have cheered them on throughout their relationship. Closer to fulfilling the dreams and promises they had made to one another about the life they would build together as husband and wife. 

By the time the ceremony arrived, they had less happy tears and more big smiles. It wasn’t just their smiles - it was the grins on the faces of their parents, their siblings, their friends, who knew, without a doubt, that in one another Alison and Danny had each found a person who would truly love them without question. And at the end of the night, as they walked out surrounded by the light of sparklers, they held each other tight, knowing that this was just the beginning of the realization of their dreams coming true.

Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier  |  Ceremony Location: Harbor Club at Prime in Huntington, NY  |  Floral Design: Pedestals in Garden City Park, NY  |  Reception Location: Harbor Club at Prime in Huntington, NY  |  Cake: La Bonne Boulangerie  |  Band: Entourage from Franklin Wayne Music

Belle Mer: Newport, Rhode Island: Stephanie & John's Wedding

When they met in a bar in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan several years ago, all Stephanie and John knew for sure about one another was this is a person I want to see again. He made her laugh, made her feel safe in his arms. She constantly impressed him with her intelligence and beauty. He lit up whenever he talked about her. When you saw them together, you could just tell… these two were made for each other (just look back at their engagement photos).

They married this June on what might have just been one of the most perfect days of the summer: clear and bright, with the Atlantic Ocean the perfect shade of teal as Stephanie and John exchanged vows on Goat Island, the Newport Bridge shining in the distance. It was one of the most joy-filled weddings we have photographed - with family and friends (from their officiant to their extended family and their friends from New York), all making a point to talk about just how happy Stephanie and John make one another. Theirs is the kind of love that inspires those around them and that kind of connection is what makes for the very best kind of wedding: one filled with complete and utter happiness. 

Ceremony & Reception Location: Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island

New York City: Rebecca & Jeremy's Family Session

When Rebecca and Jeremy moved to New York City from the South they didn’t know what would be in store for them but they did know it would be a fulfillment of a dream. A dream of living their first years as a married couple in the best city in the world, of walks in Central Park and dinners in Manhattan restaurants. Then, their ultimate dream came true when Rebecca learned she was pregnant and they knew they would be giving their little boy the gift of growing up amidst all the excitement and culture that New York has to offer.

We first met Rebecca and Jeremy for their maternity session and their excitement was completely infectious. That’s why we were absolutely thrilled when they contacted us after their little boy was born to ask if we would continue to capture their journey as a family throughout his first year. We are so looking forward to seeing this sweet little boy grow, and getting to catch up with Rebecca and Jeremy throughout the year.

Montauk, NY: Deanna & Andrew's Wedding

It was at another church, at another wedding, when Deanna and Andrew saw each other for the first time. He spotted her as she walked up the stairs of the church and walked over to help her when her dress got caught on her shoes. Deanna didn’t know this helpful stranger but she did take note of his kindness and was sure she would never forget his sweet smile.

They weren’t officially introduced until at the wedding after party when Deanna’s mother made sure that her daughter met the handsome young man who had so chivalrously came to her aid her at the beginning of the day. That he happened to be one of her cousin’s closest childhood friends endured him to Deanna (and her mother) even more. 

A first date followed soon after and Deanna and Andrew forged a connection strong enough to overcome the struggle of regular trips between south Brooklyn and the Upper East Side (no easy task, as any New Yorker understands). When summer came Deanna decided to share with Andrew one of her favorite places in the world: Montauk. It soon became one of his favorite places as well.

So much so, that after Andrew proposed this past February in front of the restaurant where they had their first date, they decided that their wedding would be the perfect time to share their favorite place with all of the people that mean the most to them. They married in this summer in Montauk. Following the ceremony, they walked along the famed cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, thankful all the while for the wedding that brought them together (and the mother who made sure they got to know one another).

Bridal gown: Pnina Tornai  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, New York  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Hair & Make Up: Sally Biondo of Natural Beauty Team  |  Groom's Tuxedo: Michael Andrews Bespoke  |  Floral Design: Flowers by Beth in Amagansett, New York  |  Invitations: Bella Figura  |  Accommodations: Ocean Vista Resort in Amagansett, New York  |  Ceremony Location: St. Therese of Lisieux Church in Montauk, New York  |  Jewelry & Rings: La Gravinese Jewelers in Pelham, NY  |  Reception venue: 360 East at Montauk Downs in Montauk, New York  |  Band: Around Town Entertainment  |  Cake: Rolling Pin Bakery