Central Park, New York City: Melissa & Jared's Engagement Session

It’s a pretty universal truth that if you happen to go to a wedding without a date on your arm, there’s a good chance you just might leave the end of the night with a date on your calendar.  Or at least with the phone number of the person who caught your eye over the crudités.  

Melissa had been looking forward to the wedding of her friend for a while and was even more excited when she heard that there would be a single guy in attendance that her friend thought might be a good match for her.  When she saw Jared across the room, she had to agree.  Melissa made it a point to talk to Jared the first chance she got.  Tall, handsome and quick to make her laugh, Melissa knew she wanted to get to know Jared better.  Jared was quite taken with Melissa as well, and it wasn't long before he had her phone number and at the end of the night he drove Melissa and her friends back into the city.

They talked every day for the next three weeks, even though some of that time Melissa was actually traveling overseas.  It didn’t matter, they had a connection and they weren’t going to let miles, oceans and time zones get in the way.  Today, they are just about the happiest couple you could ever met - easy to talk to, fun to be around and they can both make you laugh in no time at all.  It’s not hard to see why they fell for one another so quickly.  

This December, Melissa and Jared will have the opportunity to share their good fortune and quite possibly, pay it forward.  At their New Year’s Eve wedding, they’ll not only be making official the love between them that is completely visible to every one they meet, they’ll also be a shining example to all of their single family and friends that you can find true, lasting love at a wedding. And maybe two of their guests will leave their wedding with a phone number and the promise of something amazing.

Bourne Mansion: Oakdale, New York: Jenna & Alex's Highlight Film

We are back from an absolutely amazing long weekend and we can not say enough how excited we are about the gorgeous images we captured at the two weddings we photographed.  That's on top of all the other weddings and engagement sessions we have done in the last few weeks that's giving us a bit of sensory overload as we're working on so many new posts coming up on the blog. We can not wait to share them all with you.  

The day after a fabulous wedding weekend is always an adjustment, coming down from the high of getting to be surrounded by so much joy.  But thankfully we came home to to find this sweet little gem in our inbox - our video team’s completed highlight video from Jenna & Alex’s wedding that we photographed this spring.  Watching it reminded us how special Jenna & Alex are as a couple and just how much fun we had at their incredible day.  Of course, you can see for yourself - check out their highlight video below.

Bridal Gown: Amsale  Shoes: Kate Spade  Hair: Chris Lospalluto  Make-up: Jason Ascher  Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale  Floral Design: Pedestals in Garden City Park, New York  Venue: The Bourne Mansion in Oakdale, New York  Caterer: Lessings  DJ: DJ Con of 74 Events

Greenwich, Connecticut: Martha & Fred's Maternity Session

We saw it written somewhere recently that October for photographers is like April for accountants and boy is that true! And really, you could say that is the case for pretty all of the Fall.  We’re going at full steam with weddings and all throughout the Northeast - from NYC to Maine and so many places in between.  We are absolutely loving getting to photograph such pretty events with so many wonderful people.  

Sometimes people ask us how we can stay fresh and creative during these busy seasons. Sessions like the one below is exactly how we do just that.  We love scheduling maternity and baby sessions in between our weddings and engagements because it gives us the opportunity to do something a little different and at a slower pace.

We spent an early Sunday morning with Martha and Fred in their hometown of Greenwich.  They are an incredible couple - so at ease with one another, playful, funny and their laughs are infectious.  We are so excited for them as they are awaiting the arrival of a baby in a few months and feel so honored that we were able to capture this special time in their lives.

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Regan & Alex's Wedding

The day Regan met Alex she was doing something that was completely out of character for her: running late to class.  But it was that action, that missed alarm clock or prolonged meeting, that led to her quite literally bumping into the man who would become her husband.  Tall and handsome with a kind smile, Alex introduced himself to Regan and, in that moment, he knew he had to get to know this gorgeous woman who walked into his life.  Both student athletes, they bonded over their drive to do well on the field and in the classroom and after graduation they ended up working in the same industry.

This August, Regan and Alex returned to Yale to become husband and wife on the very campus that brought them together so many years before.  They exchanged vows in the campus chapel and celebrated with the family and friends who have watched them grow as a couple in the years since that very first meeting.  Unlike the first day they met, Regan and Alex's wedding day was very much in keeping with exactly what you would expect from them.  It was romantic and sweet and all about the things they hold dear - their friends, their family (with a few nods to their beloved Yale Bulldogs.)

Bridal Gown: Elizabeth Dye  Bridal Salon: Lovely Bride in New York, NY  Shoes: L.K. Bennett  Hair: Daniela Schult  Make-Up: DD Nickel  Flowers: Fleur de Lys Floral in New Haven, Connecticut  Ceremony Location: St. Thomas More Chapel at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut  Reception Venue: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut  DJ: Geoff Pusko of Local Motion  Cake: J. Cakes

Avon, Connecticut: Alexandrea & John's Wedding

You could spend the better part of an morning trying to put into words the connection between Alex and John. Believe me, I tried.  But I kept coming back to the photos from their wedding - the way John’s entire face just lit up the moment he saw Alex walking toward him on her father’s arm, the way he would sneak a glance over at her during the ceremony like he wanted to make sure the whole thing was real, the way she beamed at him during her vows, the way she held his hand and danced with sheer joy at their reception.  

Those images say so much more about the way Alex and John feel about each other than I ever could.  Those images tell the story of a couple who fell head over heels for each other, who make each other laugh, who complete each other.  Alex and John's wedding was a celebration that was as much about the joining of their families as it was about the two of them.  They are a couple who value their families above all things and made sure to take note that in the room that day was everyone they loved.  Looking around the room that night, as Alex and John danced their first dance, it was clear that their friends and family adore them as much as Alex and John love one another.

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, NY  Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo  Flowers: O'Rourke & Birch in Waterbury, Connecticut  Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Loreto in Waterbury, Connecticut  Reception Venue: Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon, Connecticut  Cake: Chimirri's of Wethersfield, Connecticut DJ: DJ International

The High Line: New York City: Jackie & John's Engagement Session

Jackie and John knew about one another for a while before they officially met in person.  They had worked for the same company but hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know each other until they happened to be at the same work event in Miami.  There, they hit it off, getting to know one another in the time between official work business.  John was drawn to Jackie’s infectious smile and laid-back personality.  She was easy to talk to, fun to be around and exactly the kind of woman he had been hoping to find.  John caught Jackie’s eye right away.  She was pleasantly surprised that the tall handsome guy was as genuinely nice as he was driven and ambitious.  

Not long after meeting in Miami, Jackie and John’s relationship had to go long distance, with John working in the Boston office with Jackie was in New York.  The distance wasn’t always easy but it made their time together that much more precious.  Now they are living once again in the same city and happily planning a gorgeous wedding in Jackie’s home state of New Jersey.  We look forward to capturing that amazing day for them which we have no doubt will be fun, sweet and very romantic - just like the two of them.

Yale: New Haven, CT: Debbie & Todd's Engagement Session

Debbie and Todd met as Ph D students at Yale, pursuing degrees within the same concentration.  Enrolled in the same class, they became friends after discovering they had much in common beyond their shared interest in history and medicine.  They were both driven and determined, having spent much of high school and college studying with laser-sharp focus.  Reason and research came naturally to Debbie and Todd.  But back then, they both had yet to concur one of the most challenging pursuits known to man: romantic relationships.  

Neither Debbie nor Todd had been in an official relationship before.  But when Debbie realized how strongly she felt about Todd, she set out to let him know how she felt.  She baked him brownies and trekked through the snow to deliver them in person.  She would sit for hours by Todd's side watching basketball, a sport about which she didn’t much care.  Todd didn’t realize at first that these gestures were not merely friendly, but when he did he was thrilled to know that this friendship he had started to cherish could turn into something more.  Within a short time, they were a couple.

This weekend, Debbie and Todd will make official what they each knew in their heart on the campus of Yale all those years ago: that they were meant to be together.  And they will be eternally grateful that their educational and professional aspirations led them to careers they love and a life made richer by one another's company.

Weston CT: Meredith & Michael's Wedding

When Meredith and Michael were planning their wedding day and selecting the locations where everything would take place, they kept thinking back to the spots that were meaningful to them.  They decided their reception would take place in the very same room when they had first laid eyes on one another, participating in the church youth program back when they were still in high school.  In that room, a spark had been iginited, something that even their parents recognized all those years ago.  They started dating not long before graduation and stayed together throughout college, growing stronger as couple as they each grew more independent and self assured.  They decided they would take pictures in the very same farm where they had a picnic celebration with their families after Michael had asked Meredith to be his wife.  

And because all of the spots were meaningful; because in each place they were making new memories on top of the very same spots where they had made old ones, the day was all the more special.  Everything was familiar and brand new all at the same time.  Meredith and Michael were comfortable, relaxed and completely joyous.  In the very same room where the spark had first been ignited so many years before, they danced their first dance as husband and wife.  For those few moments, it was as though the room went silent and there was only the two of them.  Because everyone in the room stopped and watched in wonder at how completely adorable, how completely magical Meredith and Michael are when they are by each other’s side.  If was clear there was something between them years ago, it’s undeniable how meant for each other they are today.  

Bridal Gown: Liancarlo  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  Hair: Dry Bar in Westport, Connecticut  Make-Up: Amanda McCorey  Flowers: Rodier Flowers and Compo Farm Flowers  Photo Location: Ambler Farm in Wilton, Connecticut  Venue: St. Francis of Assisi in Weston, Connecticut  DJ: Music in Motion  Caterer: Outdoor Cookers

Lower Manhattan, New York City: Michelle & Steve's Engagement

There are some times in your life, like when you’re embarking on a new adventure, that the universe gives you exactly what you need.  For Michelle, that time was when she was starting her very first job out of college.  It was shortly after graduation and she was launching into her brand new career head first, working in Boston for one of the most respected hotel chains in the world.  

That’s when she met Steve, the tall, handsome guy with a shy smile and a heart of gold.  He just happened to be beginning orientation as well and they clicked right away.  They discovered they had quite a bit in common: they had grown up relatively close to one another (she in Queens, he in New Jersey) and they even had a mutual friend - Steve’s closest friend from home had actually gone to college with Michelle where he was part of her group of friends as well.

It was an instant crush (on both ends, undoubtedly), but neither one was quick to act, so they stayed just friends for a while.  But when Michelle’s birthday rolled around and she mentioned to one of her friends that she was hoping that Steve would join them all for her birthday night out, her friend pushed her to admit that she clearly had feelings for Steve.  Of course, Steve felt very much the same way.  Their friendship transitioned into a relationship and pretty soon they were spending as much time together as possible.  It was all so easy, they understood each other, their friends liked one another and their families were each thrilled to see them so incredibly happy.   

That’s when life threw them a bit of a curve ball when Michelle was transferred for work - having to move from Boston to D.C.  It was a big opportunity but it also meant that she would be over 400 miles away from Steve.  But he encouraged her to go, to follow her dreams and they decided to try to maintain their relationship long distance.  Packing up in Boston and saying goodbye to Steve was one of the hardest things Michelle had to do and even her father teared up as he watched Steve and Michelle say goodbye that day.  

That kind of distance could have meant the end for a lot of couples.  Busy schedules meant they only saw each other about once a month and the travel time cut into time that they could have been together.  But they never questioned it.  If that was what they had to do to be together, it was what they were going to do. During that time, Michelle realized that Steve was the one when she spent almost the entire time during one of his visits dreading the day he would finally have to go back home.  It was then she realized that she could never a life without Steve in it. 

Thankfully, she won’t have to.  After two and a half years living in different cities, they finally both ended up in Manhattan.  It wasn’t long after that that Steve whisked Michelle away to tropical paradise in Nevis and asked her to be his wife.  Of course she said yes, with tons of tears and so much excitement.  

This October, Michelle and Steve will gather together their family and friends and tie the knot in one of her favorite places on earth - Montauk.  There's no doubt the day with be filled with tons of laughter, lots of love and maybe more than a few tears - maybe even from her father who just might tear up once again as he walks his little girl down the aisle to the man that he could tell she was destined to be with since the day he watched them say goodbye in Boston.  

Central Park, New York City: Sam & Gareth's Engagement Session

Even though they were both pursuing PhDs at Yale, Sam and Gareth didn’t met for the first time in any of the many gothic hallways or lush green courtyards of the university. Instead they first locked eyes in a crowded bar in New Haven.  It was a bar that Sam would visit often (he happened to live in an apartment right above it), but he knew that he had never seen this particular handsome gentleman before.  The conversation they had that night set the tone for their relationship; it came naturally, flowed easily and just felt right.  They started dating and almost instantly they had both come to the same conclusion: they had found the one.  Three weeks in, they were unofficially engaged.

The actual proposal was decidedly less low key.  They flew to Europe at the end of December and made plans to celebrate New Years Eve in the city of lights.  On their way to dinner that night they walked around the Trocadero as the Eiffel Tower shone brightly just behind them.  It was there that their engagement became official.

Next June, Sam and Gareth will stand together in one of those lush green courtyards of Yale.  There, in front of their family and friends, they will make the commitment they had known was in their future from shortly after that very first night in the bar.

Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Elsa & Abtin's Wedding

It was a running joke for a while among Abtin’s family and friends that his apartment was relatively empty.  For a number of years after he purchased it, the place had only the bare essentials, furniture-wise.  That wasn’t just due solely to Abtin’s busy schedule nor did it represent any lack of interest in furniture on Abtin’s part.  In fact, Abtin was very interested in finding pieces that would complete his home.  He just wanted to make sure they were the perfect pieces.  He’s not one for impulse purchases.  Each one would be picked with thought and care.   

Abtin was very much the same way when it came to finding the right woman.  He wasn’t one to jump from relationship to relationship.  He wanted someone kind and generous, someone who shared his passion to help others.  If she also happened to be drop-dead gorgeous, so much the better.  Then he met Elsa.  She was everything he could have ever wanted and so much more.  With a heart as big as her smile, she changed his life from the moment they met.  Pretty soon, his apartment (and his life) was decidedly more full.  

Maybe part of Abtin’s hesitation about furnishing his apartment wasn’t just about finding the right pieces.  It was about finding the right partner.  He knew that he wanted to share his life, share his home, with someone special.  And when Elsa came along, it all felt right.  They found the perfect pieces of furniture from their home together and every time they used each piece they would think about the adventure they had picking it out.  They were no longer just objects, but memories.

Last month Elsa & Abtin exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony officiated by her brother during which there was probably not a dry eye in the room (including ours). The kind of love these two share is raw and powerful and their happiness is contagious.  It was clear that all of their guests felt lucky to be there to celebrate such a remarkable couple and we felt honored to have been there to capture it all.