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Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Holly & Brendan's Wedding

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It’s not every couple that would move up their wedding date by a full year in order to accommodate their older family members. But Holly and Brendan are not just any couple. They are two people who would do anything for the people they love; two people whose clear and evident love for each other could soften even the hardest of hearts. If there was one common thread in all the toasts offered up to the happy couple during their reception, it was that in both Holly and Brendan individually (and together) you could find no better ally in life. That’s why they were able to plan a wedding in a few short weeks and why their friends and family went out of their way to make sure to be there to celebrate with them as they officially became husband and wife. 

From the moment their day began, the people closest to them were by their side. In the morning, they were there helping each of them get ready. With their family standing across the street to cheer them on, there was not one dry eye when Brendan saw Holly for the first time. But it did seem that somehow, in the middle of Manhattan, the city had gone quiet for a minute while this incredibly happy couple marveled at the fact that this day was suddenly here.

And it only got better from there.  From their emotional ceremony officiated by a special friend to the heartfelt, hilarious toasts and, finally, the very romantic first dance - Holly and Brendan’s day was all about everything that means the most to them - their love for each other and their dedication to their family and friends.

Hair and Make-Up: Lauren and Vanessa  |  Ceremony and Reception Location: Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, NY

Hamden, Ct: John's Newborn session

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To us, there’s not greater compliment than when a couple contacts us again after their wedding and asks us to continue capturing their journey together when they become parents. We usually work for couples for more than a year - from their engagement session to their wedding day and then afterwards for any albums or prints - and in that time we really get to know and truly enjoy spending time with them. We look forward to those emails, especially since that means we get to catch up with the couples and photograph them for yet another happy occasion.  For Kelly and John (whose wedding we photographed back in May of 2013), we actually got that email from their maid of honor, Lindsay. As a shower gift, Lindsay wanted to give Kelly and John a newborn session with us. We were incredibly honored when Kelly told us just how excited she was when she received the gift. 

We photographed Kelly and John and their adorable son at their home; a relaxed session where we were able to include the other member of their family: their dog Bella. We had first met Bella back at Kelly & John’s engagement session and were happy to see that she’s just as sweet as ever (and protective of her newest human). It was so great for us to get to see Kelly and John again and get to capture their joy - first when they became husband and wife and now that they are mom and dad.

Yale University + New Haven Country Club: Sonal & Shon's Wedding

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When Shon was a young boy, his parents took him to the best college in India and told him that he would go there one day. Shon, driven and determined even then, worked hard and made that goal a reality. Once he set his mind on something, he would do everything in his power to make it happen.  

After graduation, Shon was preparing to attend medical school when a beautiful fellow student caught his eye. She, too, was preparing to enter a career in medicine. They connected over a shared passion for helping others and the understanding that there is nothing more important than family. Just like that day when he was a young boy, when Shon met Sonal he knew he had found a new goal - to make her his wife.

So when Shon went to America to begin his studies at Yale, he didn’t let the distance between them become an obstacle in their relationship. They kept in touch and soon Sonal joined him when she became a Yale medical student as well. It was on that beautiful campus in New Haven that Sonal and Shon fell in love, in the midst of the coursework and demanding schedules. 

They returned to the campus this summer to exchange their vows and become husband and wife. They walked the same walkways they have so many times before, only this time it was different. Now, all those dreams they had for the future together were suddenly so much closer than they ever were before. And, as he walked down the aisle with his Sonal as he knew wife, Shon felt that same surge of pride he had so many years before - the pride of a man who knew he had just fulfilled an incredible dream.

Ceremony Location: St. Thomas More Chapel at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Reception Location: New Haven Country Club in Hamden, Connecticut



Pleasantdale Chateau: West Orange, NJ: Caitlin & Phil's Wedding

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It was fitting that Caitlin and Phil’s wedding took place in their home town. It was in that town that Caitlin and Phil met for the first time; it was where they became high school sweethearts and, ultimately, it was where they fell in love. Now it’s also the place where they became husband and wife.

When a couple has been together for as long as Caitlin and Phil has, it’s easy to assume that the day is going to be one non-stop celebration. Because these are two people who have been fully immersed into the families of one another and their friends blend together because each has been a fixture in one another’s life for so long. That’s exactly how Caitlin and Phil’s day was - a joyous event where the general consensus was that these two people were just made for each other.

After all, this is a couple who have been together for over ten years - starting in high school and growing even stronger through their time at separate colleges and then persuing their careers. You can see that Caitlin and Phil are a couple that will continue to be for one another what they have been for so many years already: their place of support and love. 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Pleasantdale Chateau  |  Hair: Aura Flores  |  Make-Up: Jeannie Constanza  |  Bridal Gown: Pnina Tornai  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, NY  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  |  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Flowers: Jerry Rose Floral & Event Design  |  Band: Spotlight Band from Hank Lane  

Fairfield County, Connecticut: Colette's Baby Session

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There’s a wonderful little side effect of owning your own business in that you essentially get to chose your pseudo “co workers” - the colleagues that you bounce ideas off of or that you go to for advice; the people who really understand the ups and downs of self employment within the same industry.  And, if you do it right, these people become not only your colleagues, but your friends. Friends that you cherish because they understand you in a way many people don’t. 

We have been lucky to count Vicki and Erik as our friends in this way for over 8 years now. When we lived in Connecticut, we would get together with them regularly to talk about business, life, food. We would talk about our dreams in life and one of the main things we knew that they wanted in life was to become parents. So when Vicki called us a few months ago to tell us she was pregnant, we couldn’t have been happier for them (honestly, I got tears in my eyes when she told me). 

Their little girl Colette arrived last month (a full month early) and she is absolutely perfect. A tiny blend of the two fabulous people she gets to call Mom and Dad. (Our schedule worked out that we happened to be in New Haven the weekend Colette arrived so the first photos you'll see below are actually from the hospital when we stopped by to visit.)

We love seeing Vicki and Erik holding her and were so honored to photograph their very first session as a family. It’s always an honor to photograph other photographers but this session was even more special because we got to capture our friends in the role we knew they were meant to be in: parents. 

And now we’ll get to talk to them about the new journey they’re embarking on as husband and wife business owners, navigating the path of raising a baby, building their business, and trying to stay sane in the process. It’s possible, we promise. And any time you’re in doubt (or we are) at least we’ll all have each other to talk to about it all.

Union League Cafe: New Haven, CT: Linsey & Peter's Wedding

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Linsey and Pete met during law school, on one of those rare nights out when they both happened to select the same local bar as the perfect location to serve as a much-needed break from studying. Linsey and her friends spotted Pete and his across the room and pretty much right away Linsey knew that she wanted to talk to Pete. He noticed her, too, of course and soon they struck up a conversation. They discovered that they had a lot in common in addition to their shared interest in law - specifically a drive and focus, devotion to friends and family and a desire to live life to the fullest. They complimented each other, too, something their friends and family would take note of as when they saw Linsey and Pete as a couple. 

They decided to marry in Linsey’s home state and incorporate many family traditions in the process. Linsey wore her grandmother’s bracelet - the very same one that her grandmother had worn on her own wedding day and that each woman in the family had worn for their wedding ever since. Linsey and Pete traveled from their ceremony to their reception in Linsey’s grandfather’s Model T - a car that had been a great source of pride for him. Throughout the day, they had many of their own touches and moments that will serve as sources of inspiration for many more future generations to come. From their classic attire to their incredible first dance, Linsey and Pete’s wedding was the perfect blend of classic and modern, romance and fun - in short, it was an amazing day very fitting of this incredible couple.

Bridal Gown: Modern Trousseau  |  Shoes: Badgley Mischka  |  Hair: Shari of Naomi's Studio and Salon  |  Make-Up: Stephanie of Naomi's Studio and Salon  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Sung  |  Floral Design: Fleurescent of Milford, Connecticut  |  Ceremony Location: St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Reception Location: Union League Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Darren Litzie Trio  |  DJ: Boppers Events

Venue Profile: Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club

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As Labor Day is approaching (far too quickly, in our opinion), we thought it would be nice to feature another one of our favorite wedding venues - specifically, one that happens to be on the ocean. I could list some of the many reasons why a couple would want to have their wedding on the Jersey shore, but really all you would have to do is visit one of the shore towns to understand. There is an energy along the shore; one that would captivate guests and set the tone for a fun, laid back wedding. 

When selecting the perfect shore town for your wedding, any list would most definitely include Spring Lake. A summer getaway for wealthy families in the late 19th century, Spring Lake was a coastal resort similar to those of Newport, Rhode Island and Bar Harbor, Maine. The preservation of many of the town’s sprawling Victorian mansions is in keeping with great pride local residents have for the town's storied history. But it is not merely a summer retreat town anymore. Spring Lake has many year-round residents which means that it is more like an active community than simply a vacation destination. Tree-lined streets and a (newly restored) boardwalk are meticulously maintained, as is the two mile stretch of beach. There are plenty of hotels (many of which are converted Victorian houses) and gourmet restaurants should your guests want to extend their stay.  

One of our favorite wedding venues in Spring Lake is the Bath and Tennis Club. Directly across from the ocean, the club has sprawling views of the Atlantic and private beach access. Outdoor ceremonies can take place in the club’s terrace patio which has expansive views of the ocean and sunset. (For couples interested in a church ceremony, the club is a very easy distance to what just may be the most beautiful church in New Jersey: St. Catherine's.) Cocktail hour is typically served on the club’s patio where guests can enjoy food and drinks around the Olympic-size, salt-water swimming pools. The ballroom seats up to 300 guests and features high ceilings adorned with antique crystal chandeliers. You can customize your wedding menu and rest easy knowing that the dance floor has plenty of room to accommodate your guests and their dance moves.

Spring Lake borough and the surrounding shore towns are sometimes referred to as the “Irish Riviera” because of the large Irish-American population in the area. In fact, it has the highest percentage of any municipality in the United States. So if you dream of having your wedding after party in a Irish pub, you have many to chose from in Spring Lake.