Prospect Park Boathouse: Brooklyn, NY: Selena & William's Wedding

There’s a certain energy in the air when a bride is getting ready in the morning before her wedding - excitement, nerves, joy all bundled together - with one of those feelings, at times, winning out over the rest. One of my favorite things about what we do is getting to actually see the shift in that energy as soon as the couple see each other for the first time that day.

Selena and William had decided to see each other before their ceremony with their “first look” taking place on the streets of the iconic Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. When William arrived, Selena was nearly done getting ready. From the window on the third floor where Selena was getting ready, I could see William pacing the sidewalk, anxious to see her. Selena was eager to see him as well, her nerves bubbling up as she made sure everything was perfect before she set down the many stairs to the street to see him. When they finally saw one another, when William turned around to see Selena, it was like we could see all of the nerves melt away at once. 

As was made clear in the many toasts offered up for this happy couple during the reception, Selena and William compliment one another in pretty much every way possible. Not only are they a gorgeous couple but, according to their friends and family, they bring out the very best in one another and inspire those around them. Their wedding was romantic and fun and true celebration of a couple who are so obviously meant to be together.

Make-up: Sharon Becker Beauty  |  Hair: Maysoon Faraj  |  Bridal Gown: Le Spose di Gio  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfelds  |  Bridal Shoes: Prada  |  Bridesmaids Dress: Jill Stuart  |  Caterer: Moveable Feast  |  Florist: Edelweiss Floral Atelier

Manasquan River Golf Club: Brielle, NJ: Jen & Christian's Wedding

For a good while, Jen was a bit of a mystery to Christian. She was a picture he had seen on the wall, the sister of his friend Michael. Although he had spend a lot of time fishing with both Michael and Michael's father and  heard a lot about Jen, he had yet to met her in person since she was, at the time, living away from the Jersey shore. 

Then, finally, they did meet. And she was everything her family had said she was and so much more - beautiful, smart, funny - and, as Christian would realize quickly, exactly the kind of woman he needed in his life. She was no longer a mystery.  In short order, they learned as much about one another as possible.

Of course, Jen's family was delighted. They had enjoyed spending time with Christian for quite a while, so when he proposed to Jen it was making official what had been true for quite some time - that he was a part of the family.

Bridal Gown: Peter Langner  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo  |  Bridal Shoes: Manolo Blahnik  |  Flowers: Mueller's Flowers & Gifts, Inc.  |  Ceremony Location: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Manasquan, New Jersey  |  Venue: Manasquan River Golf Club in Brielle, New Jersey  |  Cake: Rudy's Pastry  |  Band: Joe Baracata Band & DJ Jersey Joe

Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY: Aly & Matt's Wedding

Aly and Matt put thought into every detail of their day - from her stunning gown to his custom suit, the intricate floral design of her bouquet and their chuppah, right down to the handkerchief they held as they signed their ketubah. It was a small wedding with only their very closest friends and family gathered on the lawn of Blue Hill Farm to watch them exchange vows. 

More than even all the gorgeous details, the day was most significantly about family - the siblings and parents that stood by their sides by the chuppah, and the family there in spirit. The day sweet and emotional from the tear-inducing exchange of vows to Matt’s serenade to his new wife during the reception. Each thoughtful detail and story shared by their friends and family added to the intimate feel of the day and with one look around the room and it was clear that Aly and Matt are lucky to not only have found one another but to have a support system of people in their lives that felt so honored to be a part of their day and join in the celebration of their love.

Flowers: Aurora Botanica  |  Bridal Gown: Rue De Seine Bridal  |  Bridal Salon: Lovely Bride in New York, NY|  Venue: Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hill, NY

To our 2016 Couples: Thank You

It's not an easy thing, planning a wedding. It requires a lot. A lot of research, a lot of meetings and fittings and tastings and phone calls, and - most importantly - a lot of trust. Trust that the people you're selecting to be part of your day will do their very best and, in our case, leave you will images that will convey even better than your own memory, just how incredible that day was. To give you pictures that will transport your right back to each moment and give you the chance to feel it all, even faintly, all over again. 

It's not something we take lightly, having that trust bestowed upon us. We can not thank all of our clients enough for giving us that gift of their trust and allowing us to be a part of one of the most special days of their lives. 

So we wanted to take this time, as the year comes to an end, to thank every one of you that we worked with this year - the brides and grooms, the grooms and grooms, the Moms and Dads - for choosing us: Rob and I, our incredible Associate Photographer Kim Brooks, our phenomenal video team. 

It's because of you that we get to do what we love. It's because of you that we have been able to take this business to places we used to only dream about. 

I always say that one of my favorite things about what we do is that every wedding is different and every couple is different. It's been a true joy this year to get to know all of you - to hear your stories, to meet your friends and families, and to capture your joy. 

Thank you all for making our year filled with so many beautiful moments. We wish you all the very best in 2017. 

The Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Brooklyn, NY: Rochelle & Steve's Wedding

For a lot of people, their favorite part of a wedding is watching the groom’s face as he sees his bride walking down the aisle to him. Because, really, when in life (save for Christmas morning with a pack of little kids) can you get to see that kind of unbridled joy all at once? Well, at Rochelle & Steve’s wedding, you could see that joy from Steve every single time he looked at Rochelle.

In fact, before Steve even saw Rochelle that morning, he was filled with excitement simply that the day had arrived. This is a man unquestionably devoted and in love in a way that is really inspiring and it is honestly written all over his face. And while Rochelle is more reserved, the way she feels about Steve is just as clear. When she’s in his arms, you can see that she feels completely at peace, knowing that she is loved every bit as much as she loves in return.

Their wedding was sweet, romantic and energetic. It was all about the family and friends that have shaped their lives and lead them on the path that lead them to find one another. As the night came to an end, all you had to do was look to the dance floor to see the happy couple in the center of the floor to see that same big smile on Steve's face. And it's a very safe bet that will be a smile that will be a constant for many years to come.

Bridal Gown: Lazaro Bridal  |  Shoes: Sophia Webster  |  Floral Design: Days of May Florals  |  Event Planning & Design: Fallon Carter Weddings  |  Venue: The Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, NY

Venue Profile: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

It’s a fairly safe bet that most couples would love to make their wedding last a long as possible. The day itself goes by far too quickly and that’s why I’m a big fan planning a full weekend of activities so that couples can savor that much more time with their friends and family. Hotel weddings are the very best way to do that since events for all three days can take place in one central location and guests can interact with one another even during the in-between times. 

In truth, there are a lot of really gorgeous places to host a wedding in Southern California. There are few as incredible as the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa. It’s consistently rated one of the best resorts in the world, recognized by Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure and Forbes

Located north of San Diego in Rancho Santa Fe, the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa has been open since 1989 and is Southern California’s only Relais & Châteaux property (an honor bestowed on only the very best boutique hotels and restaurants around the world). The Mediterranean-inspired, all-suite property provides plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation with it’s wellness-centered Spa and award-winning restaurant. For guests that decide to stay at the resort, there are a number of meticulously appointed Mediterranean casitas, many of which include fireplaces and private gardens that, in some cases, also include a outdoor whirlpool spa.

The 45-acre resort is tucked into the hills just north of San Diego and has lush grounds that can accommodate both intimate and large weddings in incredible style. On-site ceremonies can be held in one of the resort’s romantic gardens or courtyards, which can then easily flow into a terrace cocktail hour. There are two lawn areas that can be used for open air or tented receptions. The resort also has an elegant ballroom which includes an expansive terrace and patio and can hold up to 200 guests. 

So, if you are one of the many newly-engaged couples there are this time of year, we highly recommend a visit to Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa to see if it just may be the perfect place for you to plan a wedding (and weekend) that you and your guests won’t so forget.

Breakwater Inn and Spa: Kennebunkport, ME: Ashley & Max's Wedding

I personally think it’s pretty amazing that we get to work in a job in which it’s okay for us to tear up from time to time. And that’s good, because I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been known to do just that. At Ashley and Max’s wedding, it is not an exaggeration to say that I had tears welling up in my eyes no less than five times. This was not a bittersweet wedding, it wasn’t solemn in any way. In fact, it was utterly and completely joyous. The tears came from watching true and unrestricted expressions of love - from Ashley and Max to one another, from their parents, from their siblings and friends. This is a couple who are not afraid to completely lay bare just how they feel about each other. It’s clear that they are able to do so because they each come from an environment that has encouraged them to completely realize themselves and to wholeheartedly love another person without an ounce of fear. 

It was all of that made what was already a spectacular seaside, tented wedding even more special. From the location, selected in part to honor Ashley’s late grandparents who had a home in Kennebunkport, to the personal and thoughtful touches throughout the day, every piece had a special meaning. And then, there is the energy. If Ashley and Max could bottle their chemistry, they would make a fortune. They are fun and silly and sweet with one another. They danced in to their reception and ran from table to table greeting their guests with high fives. Ashley playfully teased Max during the cake cutting, having him chase her on the dance floor to get his bite. Their happiness is undeniable and it is contagious. You can’t hep but look at them and know, these two are clearly meant for each other.

As the sun was setting and the reception was getting into the full swing, streams of light peeked through the clouds and shone down onto the water, right above the location where Ashley’s grandparents had brought her and her siblings during so many summers. It was one more in an evening full of beautiful moments, worthy of bringing a tear to your eye.

Bridal Gown: Alvina Valenta    |    Tuxedo: Russo Tux    |    Hairstylist: Taylor & Company of Kennebunkport, Maine    |    Make-up: Jackie Angelini    |    Invitations & Paper: Designed by the Bride Produced by Invitations & Co.   |   Calligraphy: Antea Amoroso Design    |    Flowers: Winston Flowers    |    Trolley: Intown Trolley Company, Inc.    |    Event Design & Coordination: Salvatore DeGeorge of DeGeorge Signature Events    |    Ceremony Location: St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine    |    Reception Location: Breakwater Inn and Spa in Kennebunkport, Maine    |    Cake: Gayle Forte of Let Them Eat Cake

Winged Foot Golf Club: Mamaroneck, NY: Annie & Robby's Wedding

It rained the night before Robby and Annie’s wedding, fast rain that swept from side to side. As their closest friends and family were gathered inside for the rehearsal dinner, many of them eagerly took to the mic to speak about the couple. When they spoke, it became clear just how much Annie and Robby had in common. They fiercely support their friends, they embrace challenges head on. They encourage those around them to live life to the fullest and know how to throw a party that you won’t soon forget.

As Annie and Robby listened, they beamed as each compliment was bestowed upon the other, nodding in agreement as they heard some of the many reasons they were marrying one another. By the time the speeches wrapped up, the rain had stopped. The sun came out, and a rainbow appeared. It was just over an hour before the sun was about to set, and yet the sun shone in just the right way, in just the right place to add just a bit more magic to an already amazing night.

It was a mere preview to what came the next day - when Annie and Robby exchanged sweet, tear-inducing vows in her childhood church. The party that followed was, indeed, pretty spectacular - one that I'm very certain will live on in their friends and family's memories for a very long time.

Venue: Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY  

New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Allie & Matthew's Wedding

We had been looking forward to Allie and Matt’s wedding since we had last saw them, standing in the sand at Baker Beach in San Francisco for their engagement session. They were newly settled in their home on the west coast, after meeting back in New York a few years before. Planning a wedding from across the country is no easy task, but thankfully Allie had some incredible help from her mother and the staff at the New Haven Lawn Club (who are phenomenal). 

From our first meeting Allie and Matt, we knew their day would be sweet and emotional and that their families would play an important role in it all. After all, it was Allie’s brother that first introduced them and who was especially happy when they became a couple.  Matt’s large family was delighted to have Allie become an official member of the family, having seen just how happy she makes Matt. And, of course, Allie's parent's complete joy in seeing their daughter marry such a kind, intelligent man was very evident from the smiles on their faces.

Allie and Matt married on what just might have been one of the hottest days in August, but they did not let the thick humidity weigh down their day. This was a day they had planned across thousands of miles, had thought about since not too long after they became a couple, and it was exactly as wonderful as they had hoped it would be.

Venue: New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut  |  Floral Design: Fleur De Lys Floral  | Band: Atomic Funk Project

Four Seasons Hotel: New York, NY: Kelly & Rustin's Wedding

Kelly and Rustin were both nervous the morning of their wedding day, but not a bit of their nerves were about the monumental decision they were making. There was no question in either of their minds that they were meant to be together - they had already been together for years, having first met and become a couple in high school. It’s wasn’t the vows or the commitment that made them nervous, it was more about the eyes that were going to be on them. Neither of them are particularly fond of being the center of attention. 

But from the moment they saw one another, you could almost see their nerves melt away, because if there is one place where both of them could find comfort, it was by one another’s side. Throughout the rest of their day, Kelly and Rustin were holding hands every moment they could, leaning in to one another. It was as though they were in their own world together and they were inviting their friends and family to see the magic of it, if just for one day. 

Hair & Make-Up: Once Upon A Bride  |  Bridal Gown: Mark Zunino  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal  |  Shoes: Stuart Weitzman  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Papell  |  Venue: Four Seasons Hotel New York  |  Flowers: Floralies Inc.  |  Band: Hank Lane Bleeker Street Band