Central Park, New York City: Melissa & Jared's Engagement Session

It’s a pretty universal truth that if you happen to go to a wedding without a date on your arm, there’s a good chance you just might leave the end of the night with a date on your calendar.  Or at least with the phone number of the person who caught your eye over the crudités.  

Melissa had been looking forward to the wedding of her friend for a while and was even more excited when she heard that there would be a single guy in attendance that her friend thought might be a good match for her.  When she saw Jared across the room, she had to agree.  Melissa made it a point to talk to Jared the first chance she got.  Tall, handsome and quick to make her laugh, Melissa knew she wanted to get to know Jared better.  Jared was quite taken with Melissa as well, and it wasn't long before he had her phone number and at the end of the night he drove Melissa and her friends back into the city.

They talked every day for the next three weeks, even though some of that time Melissa was actually traveling overseas.  It didn’t matter, they had a connection and they weren’t going to let miles, oceans and time zones get in the way.  Today, they are just about the happiest couple you could ever met - easy to talk to, fun to be around and they can both make you laugh in no time at all.  It’s not hard to see why they fell for one another so quickly.  

This December, Melissa and Jared will have the opportunity to share their good fortune and quite possibly, pay it forward.  At their New Year’s Eve wedding, they’ll not only be making official the love between them that is completely visible to every one they meet, they’ll also be a shining example to all of their single family and friends that you can find true, lasting love at a wedding. And maybe two of their guests will leave their wedding with a phone number and the promise of something amazing.