Central Park: NYC: Lindsey & Eric's Engagement

Lindsey and Eric met as kids, way back when they shared summers together at the same camp.  They weren’t a couple then, but when you see them today it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when these two weren’t intricately connected.  They have the kind of witty banter you would see in a old-school romantic comedy and chemistry that make them captivating to watch whenever they are together.  You can’t help but have fun when you’re with them because they’ll make you laugh just as much as they make one another.

We spend an afternoon with Lindsey and Eric on what happened to be an incredibly gorgeous day in Central Park.  They spent most of the time laughing, joking around with one another and making us super happy.  Because there’s nothing better for a photographer than a couple who are completely at ease with each other and whose natural chemistry is a true joy to capture.