Private Estate: The Hamptons, New York: Danielle & Ben's Wedding

Even though they both lived in the city, Danielle and Ben met for the first time when the heat of the summer drove them to find respite on the nearby shore of Fire Island.  A mutual friend introduced them which led to what would become Ben’s best discovery since he had arrived in the US from England: Danielle.  They didn’t become a couple right away, but once they did it was clear that they were meant to be together.  

When they started to plan their wedding, they decided to return to Long Island, to marry on a warm Fall afternoon.  At a beautiful private estate in the Hamptons, they gathered together all their friends and family from near and far to celebrate with them as they promised forever.  There was barely a dry eye when Danielle and Ben exchanged their hand-written vows and barely an empty space on the dance floor as they celebrated well into the evening.  When the party came to an end, Danielle and Ben danced out onto the lawn of the estate, surrounded by sparklers, music and plenty of love.

Wedding Gown: Vera Wang  |  Hair: Mauricio  |  Make-up: Done by Bride's friend Dina  |  Shoes: Prada  |  Caterer: Grace & Grit  |  Flowers:  Naomi de Mañana  |  DJ: Justin Pallack