Grace Restaurant: Portland, Maine: Jessica & Ben's Wedding

Rob and I met Jessica a decade ago, back when Rob and I worked together at Sacred Heart.  Jess was one of the most outgoing students I had ever met.  She was bubbly and sweet, the kind of person who really paid attention to the people around her and would give thoughtful gifts for no occasion.  So when she contacted us last year to tell us that she was engaged to the man of her dreams, we couldn’t have been happier for her.  She deserved every happiness, and hearing her gush over the phone about Ben and the plans she was already putting in place for their wedding day made us even more excited that we were one of her first calls as she got the plans in order.

We met Ben the morning of their wedding day and quickly saw why Jess fell hard for him.  He’s every bit as sweet and generous as she is, quick to laugh and fiercely devoted to the people he loves.  The two of them together have a sort of contagious energy, like you’re just waiting for one of them to say something hilarious.  They had worked together to make their wedding day special, honoring those they love and making sure that everyone gathered together to celebrate with them would have a blast.  From the family heirloom trinkets Jess carried with her to honor her late grandparents, to their rhyming, Suess-inspired vows, their wedding day was full of thoughtful, quirky touches that made it all the more personal and emotional for everyone in attendance.  

Venue: Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine  |  Hair: Connie from Boulevard Fashion  |  Make-up: Bri from Britara Wellness  |  DJ: Dave Dionne