The High Line: New York City: Jackie & John's Engagement Session

Jackie and John knew about one another for a while before they officially met in person.  They had worked for the same company but hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know each other until they happened to be at the same work event in Miami.  There, they hit it off, getting to know one another in the time between official work business.  John was drawn to Jackie’s infectious smile and laid-back personality.  She was easy to talk to, fun to be around and exactly the kind of woman he had been hoping to find.  John caught Jackie’s eye right away.  She was pleasantly surprised that the tall handsome guy was as genuinely nice as he was driven and ambitious.  

Not long after meeting in Miami, Jackie and John’s relationship had to go long distance, with John working in the Boston office with Jackie was in New York.  The distance wasn’t always easy but it made their time together that much more precious.  Now they are living once again in the same city and happily planning a gorgeous wedding in Jackie’s home state of New Jersey.  We look forward to capturing that amazing day for them which we have no doubt will be fun, sweet and very romantic - just like the two of them.