Gramercy Park Hotel: New York, NY: Elsa & Abtin's Wedding

It was a running joke for a while among Abtin’s family and friends that his apartment was relatively empty.  For a number of years after he purchased it, the place had only the bare essentials, furniture-wise.  That wasn’t just due solely to Abtin’s busy schedule nor did it represent any lack of interest in furniture on Abtin’s part.  In fact, Abtin was very interested in finding pieces that would complete his home.  He just wanted to make sure they were the perfect pieces.  He’s not one for impulse purchases.  Each one would be picked with thought and care.   

Abtin was very much the same way when it came to finding the right woman.  He wasn’t one to jump from relationship to relationship.  He wanted someone kind and generous, someone who shared his passion to help others.  If she also happened to be drop-dead gorgeous, so much the better.  Then he met Elsa.  She was everything he could have ever wanted and so much more.  With a heart as big as her smile, she changed his life from the moment they met.  Pretty soon, his apartment (and his life) was decidedly more full.  

Maybe part of Abtin’s hesitation about furnishing his apartment wasn’t just about finding the right pieces.  It was about finding the right partner.  He knew that he wanted to share his life, share his home, with someone special.  And when Elsa came along, it all felt right.  They found the perfect pieces of furniture from their home together and every time they used each piece they would think about the adventure they had picking it out.  They were no longer just objects, but memories.

Last month Elsa & Abtin exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony officiated by her brother during which there was probably not a dry eye in the room (including ours). The kind of love these two share is raw and powerful and their happiness is contagious.  It was clear that all of their guests felt lucky to be there to celebrate such a remarkable couple and we felt honored to have been there to capture it all.