Weston CT: Meredith & Michael's Wedding

When Meredith and Michael were planning their wedding day and selecting the locations where everything would take place, they kept thinking back to the spots that were meaningful to them.  They decided their reception would take place in the very same room when they had first laid eyes on one another, participating in the church youth program back when they were still in high school.  In that room, a spark had been iginited, something that even their parents recognized all those years ago.  They started dating not long before graduation and stayed together throughout college, growing stronger as couple as they each grew more independent and self assured.  They decided they would take pictures in the very same farm where they had a picnic celebration with their families after Michael had asked Meredith to be his wife.  

And because all of the spots were meaningful; because in each place they were making new memories on top of the very same spots where they had made old ones, the day was all the more special.  Everything was familiar and brand new all at the same time.  Meredith and Michael were comfortable, relaxed and completely joyous.  In the very same room where the spark had first been ignited so many years before, they danced their first dance as husband and wife.  For those few moments, it was as though the room went silent and there was only the two of them.  Because everyone in the room stopped and watched in wonder at how completely adorable, how completely magical Meredith and Michael are when they are by each other’s side.  If was clear there was something between them years ago, it’s undeniable how meant for each other they are today.  

Bridal Gown: Liancarlo  Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew  Hair: Dry Bar in Westport, Connecticut  Make-Up: Amanda McCorey  Flowers: Rodier Flowers and Compo Farm Flowers  Photo Location: Ambler Farm in Wilton, Connecticut  Venue: St. Francis of Assisi in Weston, Connecticut  DJ: Music in Motion  Caterer: Outdoor Cookers