San Francisco, California: Allie & Matt's Engagement Session

Allie and Matt weren’t set up, but they can each thank Allie’s brother who, in a round about way, brought them together. He invited Allie to join him in the city at a meet up of fellow alumni from his college. It was an event that Matt was attending as well. Allie and Matt started talking and Matt left Allie so impressed that she made mention of how much she enjoyed talking to Matt to her brother’s friend before she left. When that news was passed along, Matt was very happy to hear it. He asked for Allie’s number.

Their first date was on a Monday. It was decidedly low key, just meeting up for drinks initially so they each had an option to politely cut the evening short if it didn’t go well. Of course, they were each very pleasantly surprised when it went really well.  So well, in fact, that when Allie suggested they go next door to have dinner Matt didn’t hesitate.  He took the initiative next, asking Allie out on a second date for the Friday evening of that very same week. It wasn’t long after that they became officially a couple and developed a wonderful life together in NYC.

This summer, in the midst of planning their wedding, Allie and Matt decided to go on another adventure together - moving across the country to San Francisco. We got to photograph their engagement session there, capturing this time in their lives in their new home city.

This coming August, we’ll see them again as Allie and Matt become husband and wife back on the coast that brought them together in the first place.