Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa: Rancho Santa Fe, CA: Amanda & Jason's Wedding

When Jason’s colleague Heather told him about her, Amanda sounded almost too good to be true. She worked in the same field as him and also happens to be incredibly smart and (as evidenced by the photo he saw) indisputably gorgeous. So naturally, Jason was more than happy to take Amanda’s phone number when Heather offered it to him. But when it came to actually making the call, Jason hesitated. He held on to the number for a few weeks before he called but not for lack of thinking about it. He had thought about it, quite a bit. He even talked about it to his uncle one day over dinner. In response, Jason’s uncle asked him one question: what are you waiting for? Jason explained, “This is a good one. She’s smart and beautiful. The good ones are intimidating.” 

Jason recognized that if all the things his colleague had told him about Amanda were true - if she really was as smart and funny as she was beautiful, then Amanda was not just any woman. Thus, this call wasn’t just any call. This was a call that could potentially change his life. Jason knew there was a very distinct possibility that he could fall for Amanda. And since he’s a person who is so open with his feelings, who gives his heart fully, he had to be sure he was ready. Once he was, he made the call and met Amanda in person. And she was even more than he could have ever imagined. They both fell hard.

All day at their wedding, Jason kept saying to Amanda: “There’s so much love here.” He was referring to all their friends and family, some of whom had traveled across the country to celebrate with them. But the same statement could have been coming from any of those guests just looking at Amanda and Jason together. With the two of them, there is just so much love - clearly visible love that is completely contagious. Part of what make Amanda and Jason so well matched is the way the make sure all of the people closest to them know how they feel about them. Never was that more obvious than on their wedding day when Amanda and Jason were surrounded by the people they cherish. The love they share, the love they give to those around them - it comes back tenfold.

Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Venue: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, California  |  Event Planning & Design: Evelyn Francesca Events & Design of Oceanside, California  |  Floral Design: Splendid Sentiments Floral Design in Vista, California