Roslyn Royalton: Roslyn Heights, NY: Stephanie & Christopher's Wedding

If there was ever a couple who could brighten a room with their smiles alone, it would be Stephanie and Christopher.  When I tell you that these two are completely enamored with one another, I’m probably not even painting a full picture of just how adorable they are together.  They are the type of couple that you met and can see just how perfectly they suit one another, how gentle they are with one another, how much they truly enjoy each other’s company.  All of which, of course, makes it even more enjoyable to be around them, and makes them a joy to photograph.

From the moment we arrived on their wedding day, we knew their day was going to be wonderful.  It was as clear as the giant smile that was on Stephanie’s face, even as she was having her make-up applied.  It was obvious in how laid-back and relaxed Chris was, a man who was completely confident that he was making the very best decision of his life.  From their romantic ceremony to their sweet first dance, every moment of Stephanie and Christopher’s day was filled with joy, laughter and so much love.

Stephanie & Christopher's Trailer