West Village, NYC: Meredith & Andy's Engagement Session

Meredith wasn’t expecting to meet anyone on the night when she met Andy.  It was supposed to have been a girl’s night out. She was at her favorite bar, Welfie and Nell in the West Village, with one of her closest friends, with no particular plans in mind other than catching up, chatting and laughing, as ladies generally do when they get together.  But when the boyfriend of Meredith’s friend arrived at the bar as well, Meredith suddenly found herself the third wheel.  “You better find someone here for me,” she said to her friend, half joking.  Together, she and her friend spotted a guy at the bar and Meredith headed over to start a conversation.  A few minutes in, Meredith realized that this was not a guy she was interested in and was planning to walk away at the first lull in the conversation.  That’s when she spotted a very handsome gentleman across the room.  With big blue eyes and a sweet smile, Andy had spotted Meredith the minute he walked in the door.  He didn’t want to miss a chance to meet the gorgeous blonde sitting at the bar but was hesitant to come over since he was unsure of the status of her relationship with the gentleman she was talking to.  But Meredith smiled back at him, so when that gentleman got up from his place at the bar Andy took his chances.  

When he introduced himself, Andy was surprised to not hear the typical question of “Where are you from?” from due to his thick accent, but rather, “What part of Scotland are you from?”  Meredith, who had spent time studying in Scotland, and fell in love with the country and could recognize a Scotsman when she heard one.  They started their conversation that night talking about their favorite places to visit in Andy’s homeland and soon found themselves deep in conversation about so many things that the next thing they knew it was closing time at the bar.  They made plans to see each other as soon as possible, setting off a whirlwind romance filled with the kind of long conversations about hopes and dreams that give you goosebumps, the kind of adventures that fill you with joy and the kind of love that makes you feel like you can take on the world. 

And to this day, whenever Meredith and Andy lock eyes across a crowded room, they are reminded of that magical moment when they an exchange of smiles led them to find a love in one another like they have never known before.