Our Family Trip to California

Before our son was born, we used to travel as much as possible. We'd add on a few nights to a destination wedding or engagement shoot just to explore. We returned to Paris three years in a row because it was just so magical (and because, you know, we weren't buying diapers back then). When Malachy arrived, we discovered that simply being with him was the very best adventure at all. So we would return to him as quickly as possible. Far-away vacations were replaced with family trips to the Jersey shore (which have been incredible - if you haven’t been to Cape May, you must go!).

But now that Malachy is three and much more independent, we decided it was finally time to take him on his very first airplane ride to a place that’s very special to us: California. Traveling with a three-year-old isn’t always easy, but I have to say that this was one of the very best vacations we have ever been on. There are few things more fulfilling than hearing Malachy say “Wow!” when saw his very first palm tree  or seeing the sheer joy in his face as ran on the sand in La Jolla and dipped his toes into the Pacific Ocean. We took him on his first trip to Disneyland, had the best tacos ever in San Diego and he even got to dance with a drum circle in Venice. And with every look of wonder on Malachy’s face, Rob and I would look at each other and smile. And on our way back, as Malachy stared at the clouds out the airplane window, we started to dream of all the places we could bring our energetic little boy and just how amazing it would be to see the world through his eyes.