The Patterson Club: Fairfield, CT: Amy & Jack's Wedding

It has been said that the very best romances start out as friendships; that friendship is the solid foundation upon which a beautiful life can be built together. If you’re looking for living proof of that, all you need to do is look at Amy and Jack.  

Amy and Jack met while students together at Fairfield University and by their senior year they were close friends. Their group of friends would spend time together regularly, even teasing each other with occasional pranks and good-natured teasing. In fact, many of Amy and Jack’s favorite memories of college involve one another.

After graduation, they reconnected when they both started working for the same company. Amy would often call her best friend, Megan, to tell her all about the fun things she and Jack did together. Megan started to think there was something more brewing between Amy and Jack, but Amy insisted that they were just friends. Amy valued her friendship with Jack and was nervous to risk that for the chance of something more. Jack, though, was falling hard for Amy. He was nervous too, but his fear was of missing his chance of what he thought could be an amazing relationship. So he, too, called Megan for advice. She told him to go for it.

Jack planned a group ski trip, inviting Amy and her friends to join him and his. It was on that trip that Jack finally asked Amy out on an official date and the nature of their relationship changed. After that first date, Amy and Jack both knew what their friends had probably had known for years - that they were meant to be a couple.

Bridal Gown: Amsale  |  Bridal Salon: Amale Flagship Salon in New York, NY  |  Shoes: Kate Spade  |  Ceremony Location: The Chapel at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut  |  Venue: The Patterson Club in Fairfield, Connecticut