Spring Lake, NJ: Lindsay & Blake's Engagement Session

Lindsay and Blake met for the first time years ago at the bath and tennis club were she had spent many summers for most of her life. One of those summers happened to be particularly fateful when the new tennis pro caught her eye. He, of course, noticed her, too, and it wasn’t long before they were spending time together off the court and outside of the club. Beside their shared interest in tennis, they found that they had quite a bit in common: deep connection to their families, a desire to soak in nature and live a contented, simple life. Not long after they became a couple. Their relationship became the foundation of their lives and soon they both knew that there was nothing else they wanted more than to be together forever. 

This spring they’ll marry in their new home town of Rumson but they decided to take their engagement photos in the town where they first met: Spring Lake. We started at Lindsay’s parent’s house where we were able to incorporate Lindsay & Blake’s sweet dog, Banker, into some photos. From there we returned to the scene of Lindsay & Blake's first meeting - the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club, where we even got to take some fun shots with the two of them on the courts.

We are so happy for Lindsay and Blake that they found each other that fateful summer and even happier that we will get to capture their wedding day in May.