Fairfield County, Connecticut: Colette's Baby Session

There’s a wonderful little side effect of owning your own business in that you essentially get to chose your pseudo “co workers” - the colleagues that you bounce ideas off of or that you go to for advice; the people who really understand the ups and downs of self employment within the same industry.  And, if you do it right, these people become not only your colleagues, but your friends. Friends that you cherish because they understand you in a way many people don’t. 

We have been lucky to count Vicki and Erik as our friends in this way for over 8 years now. When we lived in Connecticut, we would get together with them regularly to talk about business, life, food. We would talk about our dreams in life and one of the main things we knew that they wanted in life was to become parents. So when Vicki called us a few months ago to tell us she was pregnant, we couldn’t have been happier for them (honestly, I got tears in my eyes when she told me). 

Their little girl Colette arrived last month (a full month early) and she is absolutely perfect. A tiny blend of the two fabulous people she gets to call Mom and Dad. (Our schedule worked out that we happened to be in New Haven the weekend Colette arrived so the first photos you'll see below are actually from the hospital when we stopped by to visit.)

We love seeing Vicki and Erik holding her and were so honored to photograph their very first session as a family. It’s always an honor to photograph other photographers but this session was even more special because we got to capture our friends in the role we knew they were meant to be in: parents. 

And now we’ll get to talk to them about the new journey they’re embarking on as husband and wife business owners, navigating the path of raising a baby, building their business, and trying to stay sane in the process. It’s possible, we promise. And any time you’re in doubt (or we are) at least we’ll all have each other to talk to about it all.