Battello, Jersey City, NJ: Ali & Brian's Wedding

Ali and Brian were married on one of those sticky humid days that seem to be most prevalent in July. The kind when a downpour is imminent and the heat slows you down just a bit. Yet, in the room where Ali was getting ready that morning, there wasn’t a hint of concern about the clouds in the sky or the moisture in the air. She was calm and relaxed, content in a way a person can only be when they know they have made the very best decision and are simply waiting the best moments that are to come. 

Of course, Ali and Brian had a day full of great moments - like when Brian first saw Ali as she came down the aisle on her father’s arm and he broke out into what just might be the biggest smile I’ve ever seen or when they exited the church to the thunderous applause of their friends and family. The impending downpour did come, not long after the ceremony, but Ali and Brian took it all in stride and embraced the opportunity for a few quiet moments inside. When the rain stopped sun finally broke through the clouds, they got to walk the docks in Jersey City and enjoy the spectacular view of lower Manhattan. 

As they sat back and listening the the heartfelt and funny speeches offered up in the honor during their reception, they would each look over to the other from time to time with a big smile. And as they danced throughout the night, Ali would lean in to Brian and have that same contented look on her face - the look of a person who knows that in his arms she is exactly where she is meant to be. 

Ceremony Location: Holy Rosary Church in Jersey City, NJ  |  Event Planning & Design: EVJ Wedding Co.  |  Venue: Battello in Jersey City, NJ