The Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Brooklyn, NY: Rochelle & Steve's Wedding

For a lot of people, their favorite part of a wedding is watching the groom’s face as he sees his bride walking down the aisle to him. Because, really, when in life (save for Christmas morning with a pack of little kids) can you get to see that kind of unbridled joy all at once? Well, at Rochelle & Steve’s wedding, you could see that joy from Steve every single time he looked at Rochelle.

In fact, before Steve even saw Rochelle that morning, he was filled with excitement simply that the day had arrived. This is a man unquestionably devoted and in love in a way that is really inspiring and it is honestly written all over his face. And while Rochelle is more reserved, the way she feels about Steve is just as clear. When she’s in his arms, you can see that she feels completely at peace, knowing that she is loved every bit as much as she loves in return.

Their wedding was sweet, romantic and energetic. It was all about the family and friends that have shaped their lives and lead them on the path that lead them to find one another. As the night came to an end, all you had to do was look to the dance floor to see the happy couple in the center of the floor to see that same big smile on Steve's face. And it's a very safe bet that will be a smile that will be a constant for many years to come.

Bridal Gown: Lazaro Bridal  |  Shoes: Sophia Webster  |  Floral Design: Days of May Florals  |  Event Planning & Design: Fallon Carter Weddings  |  Venue: The Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, NY