Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Hudson Valley, NY: Alice & Stephen's Wedding

When Stephen knocked on Alice’s door the very first time, he had no idea that on the other side of the door he would meet the woman that would become wife. He was going door to door in a dorm at Columbia University, as a part of a fundraiser for one of his academic projects. To hear Stephen’s friends speak about his charming personality and sense of humor, it’s no surprise that in that short visit at Alice’s door, he managed to leave quite an impression on her.

When they first began to date, Stephen quite literally knocked Alice off her feet. He tried to hold her hand for the first time and Alice accidentally fell down in the process of trying to accept it. Stephen graciously picked her up and has been holding her tight ever since. As a couple, they are always looking out for one another. Alice keeps them both organized and on track, while Stephen encourages adventures - like literally climbing mountains. But no matter what new journey they embark on, Stephen is always keeping Alice by his side even when that means running an entire half marathon at her pace instead of his own.

At their wedding, both Alice and Stephen's parents and themany friends and family in their bridal party got up to offer toasts to the happy couple. In each of their words it was clear that individually Alice and Stephen are each not only smart and funny, but two of the most loyal people you will ever meet.  Together, though, they are the kind of couple whose love you want to emulate and whose care for one another is completely undeniable.