Tappan Hill Mansion: Tarrytown, NY: Kellie & David's Wedding

One of the things that make Kellie and David work as a couple is how different they are. David is reserved, with a dry wit that he saves for just the right moment, while Kellie is a ball of energy, cheerful and always up for a new adventure. Together, they compliment each other perfectly. Kellie makes David smile bigger than most of his friends have ever seen, encouraging him to try new things and find joy in the smallest moments. David supports Kellie and constantly cracks her up like only he can.

If there was one thing for certain on their wedding day, it was that these two are undeniably, unbelievably crazy about one another. The bright, wide smile on Kellie’s face all day was plenty of proof alone but epic first dance they did floored all of their guests - not the least of which David’s friends who had never seen him dance like that ever before. It was a beautiful testament to just how much Kellie and David’s family and friends surrounding the dance floor and cheering for a couple whose love for one another is as clear as the looks on their faces.

Venue: Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY  |  Caterer: Abigail Kirsch