Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena, CA: Jennifer & Christopher's Engagement Session

Jennifer and Christopher lived about as far apart about as you could be while still living in the same country. He was in Los Angeles, she was in Boston. They had full lives in their respective cities: success in their jobs, close relationships with the family nearby, plenty of friends; but they each had yet to find happiness in love. That all changed the day they both happened to be invited to the same wedding in Vermont, some 3,000 miles away from Chris’s home. 

They liked one another right away, each surprised at the ease with which they could talk to one another and just how much they wanted to see each other again after that wedding came to an end. They were long distance for a while but Jennifer ultimately decided to trade the snowy streets of Boston for the sunny hills of LA to be with Chris all the time. The love they had been searching for had found them. Now they have fuller, richer lives living in the same city, with friends and family on both coasts and happiness deeper than they had ever known before.