Prospect Park Boathouse: Brooklyn, NY: Selena & William's Wedding

There’s a certain energy in the air when a bride is getting ready in the morning before her wedding - excitement, nerves, joy all bundled together - with one of those feelings, at times, winning out over the rest. One of my favorite things about what we do is getting to actually see the shift in that energy as soon as the couple see each other for the first time that day.

Selena and William had decided to see each other before their ceremony with their “first look” taking place on the streets of the iconic Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. When William arrived, Selena was nearly done getting ready. From the window on the third floor where Selena was getting ready, I could see William pacing the sidewalk, anxious to see her. Selena was eager to see him as well, her nerves bubbling up as she made sure everything was perfect before she set down the many stairs to the street to see him. When they finally saw one another, when William turned around to see Selena, it was like we could see all of the nerves melt away at once. 

As was made clear in the many toasts offered up for this happy couple during the reception, Selena and William compliment one another in pretty much every way possible. Not only are they a gorgeous couple but, according to their friends and family, they bring out the very best in one another and inspire those around them. Their wedding was romantic and fun and true celebration of a couple who are so obviously meant to be together.

Make-up: Sharon Becker Beauty  |  Hair: Maysoon Faraj  |  Bridal Gown: Le Spose di Gio  |  Bridal Salon: Kleinfelds  |  Bridal Shoes: Prada  |  Bridesmaids Dress: Jill Stuart  |  Caterer: Moveable Feast  |  Florist: Edelweiss Floral Atelier