Long Beach Island, New Jersey: Lauren & Paolo's Engagement Session

Lauren and Paolo each arrived at the party that night without the expectation of anything but a good time. They would walk away that evening with a whole lot more. It was the first time they met and an instant spark was ignited. They ended up talking throughout almost the entire party and, as the night came to an end, they both knew they just had to see each other again. 

They stayed together throughout graduation and starting their respective careers; moving from Massachusetts (his home state and where they both went to college) to New York City, eventually settling in her home state of New Jersey. By that time eight years had passed since that fateful college party and Paolo knew the time had come to propose. On Christmas Eve that year, he strung lights on the Hoboken pier near their home, took her on a walk by the Hudson and asked Lauren to be his wife.

At the end of this month, she will.