Central Park: New York, NY: Kara & Evan's Engagement Session

It was a perfect, crisp day in Central Park when I met up with Kara and Evan for their engagement session. Kara and Evan’s glow stood out amongst the myriad of city-dwellers and tourists out to take in the last breaths of autumn. It was only fitting that we took their engagement photos in the city where they fell in love. Kara and Evan are clearly perfect for each other, complementing each other in every way. They laughed so much, and I loved hearing stories about their silliest moments together as we navigated the park. 

The highlight of the afternoon was visiting the location where Evan had proposed to Kara.  It was on the East Side, a private little enclave tucked away from the hustle of bustle of Manhattan with the 59th Street Bridge standing majestically in the background. They lit up when we arrived, likely reliving that special moment in their minds, and it was a pleasure to experience that with them. It was beautiful to watch Evan looking out for Kara, making sure that she wasn’t too cold, and pulling her in close to warm her up. After the shoot, they went out for a big family dinner, and it is clear that not only do they love each other deeply, they also have a huge space in their hearts for time with their loved ones, which will undoubtedly make their wedding day even more incredible.