West Village, New York, NY: Kaitlyn & Bill's Engagement Session

It was all planned perfectly, or so Kaitlyn thought. After attending a wedding in Paris, she set off with a friend to experience France’s breathtaking countryside. Her friend had one suggestion--a slight detour, to a restaurant that she promised would be well worth it. When Kaitlyn called Bill that evening, she noticed that his voice sounded quiet, distant even. He told her that he was busy working at home. They said goodnight, and Kaitlyn set off to dinner. 

Indeed, the restaurant was straight out of a reverie. Set in a garden, it brimmed with the aura of famous artist patrons from years past, including Matisse and Picasso. Twinkling lights danced between the fig trees, not to be outdone by the stars above. Kaitlyn’s friend conveniently excused herself. Then suddenly, someone appeared at their table.  It was Bill, who was supposed to be thousands of miles away, back in the states.  Yet there he was, on one knee with a ring in his hand. Kaitlyn, shaking with surprise and utter joy, screamed, “yes!” to the applause of the restaurant-goers. 

When I met Kaitlyn and Bill, it was some time later for their engagement session, we were across that ocean, in New York where it happened to be just a few degrees shy of freezing. It was easy, though, to picture them together in Europe. Kaitlyn, her hair effortlessly wavy, paired a classic winter white coat with siren red heels. Bill’s woolen coat, perfectly tailored, complemented his piercing blue eyes. They made a striking pair as we navigated the cobblestone streets of the West Village.

Our session bridged the space between their magical engagement and their wedding which will be oh-so New York City. This fall, they will marry at the magnificent St. Jean Baptiste Church, in the city where they found each other. This time, though, the crowd will be filled with family and friends, the people they love the most.

Kimberly BrooksComment