Locanda Verde: New York, NY: Davis's Bar Mitzvah

You’d have been hard pressed to find a dry eye during Davis's Bar Mitzvah service. It was so personal, so thoughtful, and warmth truly radiated from the elegantly rustic room in Tribeca’s Locanda Verde. From the acoustic guitar music to Davis’ recitation of the haftorah and discussion of its deeper meaning, to the Torah scroll encircling the room, held by those who hold a place in Davis and his parents’ hearts, the day was full of personal touches that made it unique, indeed.

The most beautiful moments of the day, though, were in each small interaction between Davis and his family. Their love was so present, so clear, and it was a joy to witness their bond throughout the day. Davis was so careful to include his sister Liv in his day. They spent the last few minutes before the service together, she joined him on the bimah to sing a prayer, and Davis even made sure to save her some dances at the vibrant party that followed, despite the presence of his many friends. He continually watched out for his little sister. It is often difficult for adults to find balance between family and friends, yet Davis shows that he can accomplish this with ease. His parents, grandparents, great grandmother, and extended family and friends truly beamed with pride that day, and for great reason.