Hoboken, New Jersey: Nicole & Chuck's Engagment Session

Need a sign that you’re on the perfect first date?  A pretty good indication would be that you don’t want that date to end. 

When Nicole and Chuck were set up by a mutual friend, they had easy-flowing conversation over dinner and drinks. Nicole was meeting her brother later that evening, and wondered if it was way too soon for Chuck to meet a family member. But somehow, it seemed natural.  That date ended up lasting eight hours, with the Nicole and Chuck slowly getting to know each other over the course of that day. When Nicole got on the train to go home that night, both she and Chuck knew that this date was something different. It would be the very last first date they would ever go on. 

One thing that is abundantly clear about Nicole and Chuck is their mutual respect. It shines through in every interaction, and is even apparent in the items that they brought to their engagement session. One item was a Spanish book, and one a medical book, highlighting their passions and careers as a teacher and physician. They thought it would be fun to swap texts that day to read up on their partner’s interests. The way they smiled and laughed with one another during their session was probably reminiscent of that very first date - they were seemingly the only people at the beautiful Hoboken waterfront that day. They could have probably stayed there for another eight hours. After all, in one another they have everything they ever needed.