Best of Engagements 2014

We're more than half way into January but,  truth be told, I'm just now coming to terms with the fact that we have started a new year.  That's probably because our Fall season was almost non-stop (always a good thing, we love having a full calendar) and we're finally getting the chance to reflect a bit on the year that was.  One of our favorite ways to do that is to think back about all the wonderful couples we have met over the course of the year by looking through all of the images we captured.  We enjoyed doing that so much, we thought we'd share some of that experience with you by compiling a few "Best of" galleries of our personal favorite photos we have taken in 2014. 

We're kicking it off with engagement sessions - some of our favorite portraits from sessions that took us all around New York City and around the country.  Check back for more "Best of" galleries, which we'll be blogging soon!

Kathleen TrenskeComment