City Winery: New York, New York: Julian's Bar Mitzvah (Photo + Video)

When Julian’s mother, Jenny, contacted us about his Bar Mitzvah a while back, we knew it was going to be an incredible day.  It was clear from talking with her that she was going to make sure the day was uniquely Julian - bright, fun and dedicated to making sure everyone had a fantastic time.  On the morning of his Bar Mitzvah when we met Julian and saw him with his family, we saw exactly what made them so special.  Julian’s parents are welcoming and loving and have raised two amazing sons in Julian and his brother Eli.

And Julian, he’s a force of nature.  He’s smart, he’s funny, and he’s talented. Believe me, you will see his face again someday because he is on his way to doing some truly amazing things.  All of which are all the reasons why it was so much fun for us to be there to capture such a special day for him and his family.   And what a day it was.  From the ceremony to the fun nod to Saturday Night Live in the theme, there were touches throughout the day that incorporated all the things that Julian loves, his incredible sense of humor and his devotion to his faith and friends and family. 

Julian's Bar Mitzvah Trailer