Battery Gardens: New York, NY: Nickie & Jamie's Wedding

It was bitter cold on the day that Nickie and Jamie got married. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at the two of them, braving the wind whipping down the streets of the financial district, seeing each other for the first time.  It could have been 20 below and, in those moments, they wouldn’t have felt it.  In those moments (and truthfully, most of the day) the only thing they were focused on was one another.  All of us (the two of us, their bridal party) were warmed just by seeing the two of them.  Their joy was contagious and there is something about witnessing two people that are so deliriously happy that truly does make everything else (including chilly temperatures) seem inconsequential.

And as the day went on, when we were all in the warm rooms of Battery Gardens with the view of the Statute of Liberty in the distance, it was clear the Nickie and Jamie’s wedding day would be exactly as you would expect it to be: sweet, romantic and so much fun.  Just like the two of them. From their tear-inducing personal vows to the epic dance offs during the reception, there wasn’t a minute of Nickie & Jamie’s wedding day that wasn’t memorable.  And we were thrilled to be there to capture it all.

Venue: Battery Gardens in New York, NY  |  Dress: Enzoani  |  Shoes: Caparros  |  Make-up: Theresa Lupo  |  Officiant: Rev. Annie Lawrence  |  Band: 747 Orchestra