New Rochelle, NY: Hillari & Danny's Family Session

It’s hard to believe that we have known Hillari and Danny for just about five years now.  Hard to believe, because it feels like just yesterday when we were meeting up with them in Newport for their engagement session - where we heard about (and re-enacted) Danny’s incredible proposal (it included a custom model airplane that Danny had built).  We knew then, after spending the afternoon with them that they were just our kind of couple: asy-going, talkative and always dreaming about their next adventure or new way to pursue their passions.  After their wedding in September of 2010, we were hoping that we would get to see them again and were fortunate that they recommended us to two of their good friends, whose weddings we had the pleasure to photograph as well (and get to see Hillari and Danny at the same time).

We were thrilled for them when they welcomed their first son and had been dying to meet him in person (he’s got the cutest big brown eyes) so we were delighted when Hillari asked us to photograph them as a family when their newest adorable little boy arrived recently. We met them in their home in New Rochelle, a home that they have been remodeling and truly making their own.  And spending the afternoon with them was just like it was five years ago - we had so much fun getting to talk with Hillari and Danny and could have easily spent hours just hanging out.  As we drove home that afternoon, Rob and I talked about just how lucky we are to photograph adorable families like theirs and to have couples who truly turn into friends.