Princeton University: Yuna and Barrett's Engagement Session

When they met as students together at Princeton University, it’s not hard to guess what drew Yuna and Barrett to one another. They are both gorgeous, inside and out, of course. They also happened to have several shared interests, not the least of which was the sport that led them to cross paths in the first place: rowing. As members of their respective crew teams, Yuna and Barrett got to know each other quite well. They started dating in their freshmen spring, and as graduation approached, they took the time to grow and discover exactly what they wanted in life. Thankfully, they both came to the same conclusion: the thing they wanted most was a life together.

After graduation Yuna and Barrett took jobs in D.C., serving as each other’s source of inspiration and support as they navigated the task of establishing their careers.  They are both incredibly smart and driven. We have no doubt thay they will play a role in making the world a better place.  In a way, they already have, just by being together. Yuna and Barrett are the kind of couple that make you happy, simply by being around them. Their joy is visible. Their connection is evident.

We loved getting to spend the afternoon with them, getting a mini tour of the Princeton campus, and photographing them in places that hold so much meaning for them. We are looking forward to capturing the Yuna and Barrett's wedding next summer. The day is going to be incredible (and beautiful as it's being planned by our friend Libby of Jubilee Events) and we most look forward to continuing to capture the love between this amazing couple as they become husband and wife.