New Haven Lawn Club: New Haven, CT: Sam and Gareth's Wedding

It was true for some relatives and friends of both Sam and Gareth that the wedding was their first opportunity to meet one half of the happy couple. But based on the toasts and comments throughout the evening, even the guests who had not seen the couple together before have witnessed the effect the relationship has had on their friend. Because the love Sam and Gareth share is visible; the way they have improved one another’s lives is something they each carry with them no matter where they happen to be. Together, they have both become better versions of themselves. That is what was visible to all the people who love them.

Sam and Gareth’s love is not over the top or showy. It is, instead, quiet and steady. And when they speak of their feelings for one another, the words come from the deepest depths of their hearts.  So much so that when they exchanged their vows there was barely a dry eye in the courtyard. In their vows, they promised each other to be a constant source of love and support while also remembering  to pledge to do (or try to do) the little, everyday things that could improve one another’s lives. 

Their day was romantic and sweet, much like the connection they share. And the celebration was full of love and support from all the people who were so happy to see both Sam and Gareth as the very best versions of themselves - the ones they are when they are together.

Ceremony Location: Yale Law School Courtyard  |  Grooms' Attire: Hugo Boss from Saks Fifth Avenue  |  Grooms' Shoes: Cole Haan  |  Reception Location: New Haven Lawn Club  |  Floral Design: Diane Gaudett  |  DJ: Geoff from Local Motion