Bryant Park Grill: New York, NY: Donna & Jonathan's Wedding

It rained all day on the day Donna and Jonathan were married. It wasn’t a drizzle. The rain came down hard and sideways with puddles growing large on the city streets. Every glance out the window was met with the confirmation that it did not look as though it was going to stop any time soon. Their plans of the outdoor, rooftop ceremony had to be rearranged. Pictures could no longer take place in the park. There would have to be umbrellas, probably a lot of them. But none of that stressed Jonathan.

All morning, friends and family came up to him to tell them how sorry they were about the weather. To him, there was absolutely nothing to be sorry about. “I wouldn’t care if there was a hurricane,” he said. “I’m marrying the woman I love.”

If the rain was bothering Donna at all the morning, any worry about it washed away the minute she was with Jonathan. If he could have, by sheer force of will, he made the sun shine just for her. And she knew that. Because he would do anything for her. “If I were a singer, I’d sing a song for you,” he told her during his vows. “What I am is a dreamer, and you are my dream come true.”

As if that wasn’t enough to fill their guest’s eyes with tears, Donna and Jonathan then opened their reception with a movie-worthy first dance made all the more special by how clear it is that these two just really love to have fun together. And when the night came to the end, the rain had dissipated enough for the guests to line the walkway with sparklers as Donna and Jonathan left their reception - the dream-worthy ending to a day that was as magical as the couple in the center of it all.

Hair: Krystal Clark  |  Headpiece: Boutique de Voile  |  Bridal Gown: Essense of Australia  |  Bridal Salon: Ally’s Bridal in Hoboken, New Jersey  |  Shoes: Shoes of Prey  |  Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy  |  Flowers: Catherine Cotter of Somerset Hills Florist  |  DJ: Rob Frannicola of Ultimate Entertainment  |  Cake: Joyce Osorio