Housing Works Bookstore: New York, NY: Kaley & Eric's Wedding

Kaley’s mother was not at all surprised when her daughter called and told her that she would be getting married in a book store. It seemed fitting for her daughter who had loved books since she was a very little girl, when the local library in their small town in Maine was one of her favorite places to visit. That love of books grew into a love of learning which ultimately led Kaley across the country to Stanford University, where she would met Eric. 

Eric was an East Coaster, too, having also moved across the country from Maryland to California for college. He and Kaley ended up living in the same dorm and started dating their senior year. After graduation, their relationship went long distance, with Kaley working in D.C. and Eric in San Francisco. Five years ago, Eric relocated to NYC, a move that meant that the distance between them was no longer time zones and thousands of miles, but a simple bus ride down the East Coast. Kaley ended up moving up to NYC not long after and soon Eric asked her to be his wife. 

In the hunt for the perfect place for their wedding, the Housing Works Bookstore just happened to be around the corner from Kaley’s work and offer the exact kind of unique setting they were seeking. Of course, being among stacks of books was something that Kaley had enjoyed for as long as she could remember, and she wouldn’t forget that learning from those books had led to what would be her greatest adventure - a life with Eric.