Central Park: New York, NY: Lindsay & Andrew's Engagement

There are few places more iconic than Central Park. With it’s grand American Elms, elaborate staircases and bucolic lawns, it’s stunning in every season of the year. For many people, Central Park is New York City. The mix of people (tourists, people lucky enough to use the park to walk to work, children running, musicians playing) are a microcosm of the city as a whole. It’s one of our favorite places for portrait, engagement and wedding sessions and that’s especially true when it’s a session for a couple who live in NYC as a result of their desire to pursue a dream. 

Lindsay and Andrew moved to New York together when work commitments happened to coincide with their strong desire to experience life as New Yorkers. I have a friend who says everyone, if they can, should live in NYC at least once in their life. I completely agree.  And based on how much fun Lindsay and Andrew appear to be having, I think they would agree as well.